“Rules of the Game” Characteristics Waverly Jong

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‘“Ma, it’s not how many pieces you lose,” I said. “Sometimes you need to lose pieces to get ahead”’ (Tan 7). This quote is from the story Rules of The Gameby Any Tan, I think this is a very interesting quote because it is not only about chess, but also describes how life works. By losing some pieces to move ahead and win, is more worthy than to protect every single piece and lose, I really like how she explained this situation. The main character Waverly Place Jong was born on March 17, 1951, and she is from China, she was the youngest and the only daughter in her family. This day her brother got a chess set, and from then she started having an interest in chess, she started learning chess and got better and better. She has a strong curiosity and has passion in a subject, in this case it is chess she is able keeping the passion and do better. Waverly Place Jong has a strong curiosity and wish to find out new things. She is able to learn and try her best on things she found interesting. In the story it stated, “I learned about the middle game and why tactics between two adversaries are like clashing ideas; the one who plays better has the clearest plans for both attacking and getting out of traps” (Tan5). This shows that she is doing research and trying hard to learn more about chess. She has passion in playing chess and is able to keep the passion and do better. It described; “As I began to play, the boy disappeared, the color ran out of the room, and I saw only my white pieces and his black ones waiting on the other side” (Tan 7). In this part of the story I can tell that nothing can distract her from chess, she is really concentrated and also show how she thinks about chess. Waverly Place treats chess really seriously and thinks it is really important to her and she enjoys playing chess. Waverly Jong has strong curiosity and great passion in chess, this leads her to happiness therefore she succeeded.

Waverly Jong is a girl who tries her best on things she like, she has passion and never ending energy on things she like, she is similar to me. (Tan 6) she was excited when she found someone who wants to play with her, her passion, her energy and the happiness chess gave her leads to her success. One day Waverly was walking home from school, she went pass a group of old men play chess, she was excited to find someone who she could play with “I ran home and grabbed Vincent’s chess set, which was bound in a cardboard box with rubber bands” (Tan 6) She came back with her chess set and asked the man who was observing others if he wanted to play, she found out that he was a better player than her brothers. She lost but also learned many new things from Lau Po. This is similar to me because I have passion in things I like, and I like to figure out new things by myself just like how Waverly did.

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