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Before I wrote this blog, I already read one book called “Legend” by Marie Lu. The characters have developed in a way of bravery and sacrifice to help each other escape from danger. My overall impression is that “Legend” is one of my most favorite dystopian novels I have read before. The characters were described […]

Independent Reading Blog 2

I am almost towards the end of the “Maze Runner.” I am currently on page 346. The novel has developed into the climax of the end of the book where the main characters are taking courage to escape the Maze with the codes they have gathered over long periods. I have expected a different way […]

Independent Reading Blog 1

The independent book that I am currently reading is called “The Maze Runner.” This novel is a dystopian novel where a boy named Thomas tries to escape the Maze that he was forced to be trapped in with his peers. In addition, he reveals the secret of this dystopian world that the characters are wishing […]