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Sea In The Ocean: Create & Improve

During my process of making the final product, I carried on with the idea that I had when developing. I was going to make the product big like 30cmx 50cm. However, I didn’t have enough resources or time to make it as big as I wanted it to be, so I made a prototype as my final product which is a much small version of it.

To make the background, the way I did it was using a plastic cup holder and a scissor, shredded the plastic into pieces and using duct tape and thin cardboard made some kind of bowl to hold the plastic. Using the shred pieces, I place them in order of lightest white, yellow, marine blue, mint, and dark blue.

At first, when making the little trash and marine animal, I spend a lot of time getting the detail and the little specific details. However, I put too much time on it, I was running out of time in the end. What I did was for the trash, was made some kind of plastic sheet, melted and pulled it apart making a screed of plastic with a random design. After putting it all together I figured that due to the blue fabric and the marine animal, you can’t really see the details of the trash so I was glad that I didn’t spend the last minute trying to make it look good and precise. The ones that I made at the beginning were the ones that had the most details so those ones were placed on the sand shore since the sand shore wasn’t covered by anything.

When putting this all together, I was kind of worried that due to the thickness of the whole layers, it wouldn’t stick altogether. I figured out that I would use both the heat press and the iron. To kind of structure the whole thing, I used the heat pressure to kind of generally hold it together. I did like 4-5 times each side. Even though I repeated serval times, there were bubbles between the cover and the things inside. I made a hole in the bubble and ironed it over which made it flat. I repeated the same process in the small parts where the plastic didn’t stick together using the iron. Since many were confused that only the plastic doesn’t look like a shower curtain, I used the binder clip and painted it to make the shower hoop and used a wood rode as the shower rod.

The story behind it and the title of my project have a connection between them. In the word, “Sea in the Ocean”, people might see the word sea as saltwater, an ocean. The real purpose behind it is that the sea and see(Look) have the same pronunciation. So it is “See in the Ocean” which means look in the ocean and see what humans have done to the ocean and the marine animals.  When people first look at the project, they only see the ocean and the marine animals, but if you look closely, there are small pieces behind the layers and blue fabric that represent the plastic trash. The layers of the blue fabric make it hard to see the plastic trashes. In reality, it’s the same, the depth of the water makes all of the trash hard to see but it still exists only if people look closely. I thought that rather than just making the product with unused plastic but having a story and a meaning to the title would make my original purpose of raising marine pollution awareness be more effective.

The shredded plastic in a box made out of thin cardboard

The shredded plastic in a box made out of thin cardboard

Example of Marine Animal and Plastic Trash

Shredded Plastic Layed out

Poster Under

SEa in the ocean (3)

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Sea in the Ocean: Develop & Plan


For my design, the sea in the ocean, I decided to use precious plastic and other unused plastic materials. I am going to make a shower curtain but a smaller version of it. The original idea was that there would be two sides, one would be the clean ocean, and the other hand would be the polluted ocean. The consumers might feel uncomfortable if they are showering with a polluted ocean by their side. So I decided to have three layers. The first layer would be the clean ocean, the middle one would the dirty beach, and the last layer would be another clean one. So what I thought of doing was making thin layers so you could see the though all the fresh ocean layers and able to see the polluted ocean behind the scene. I am going to make prototypes experimenting if it would be able to see the second layer through all of the layers. Too much plastic would make the second layer invisible and too little would make the shower curtain too transparent. Also, there should be some transparency so some light can come in. I want/have to experiment with different recycled materials. Not only would the product show how the ocean is affected by plastic, but I am also going to make marine animals and show how plastic and trash would change marine life, such as turtle to sea horses. I am going to use different equipment to show different textures like wools or different ways and techniques of gathering the available plastic materials.

When making my prototypes, I did different experiments with the materials and the amount of time that the plastic was under the heat presser. Enable to make the curtains to be see-through, the pieces had to be really thin. For example, when making the turtle, to create a texture on the back of the turtle, I decided to put a foam-like plastic sheet between. If I just put the form sheet between the pink sheet, the plastic wouldn’t stick too well. So what I did was that I pressed down the foam sheet on its own, then pressed twice for the body and pressed once more to attach the other body part and the plastic sheet. This allows the turtle to be really thin and easier for the plastic to stick together.

Also, a problem when testing out was that I was originally not going to have anything other than the shredded plastic pieces but later, if there isn’t anything covering the shreds, the plastic doesn’t stick too well. However, if I used the bubble wrap the colors don’t stand out and makes everything kind of blurry. I was aiming for a clear and colorful product. What I did was instead of using a bubble wrap, I used a clear plastic sheet for the base. After using the clear sheet, it was a much better alternative than the bubble wrap. Yet, the problem with it was that the plastic would curl up and would not stay flat. So what I did was using a different plastic with a rubbery texture. The only problem was that it was too crumbled and wrinkly but I figured this out by pressing the heat press on the sheet to make it smooth and flat. Also, when I make the outer plastic thinner, the shredded plastic seems to stick well to each other. For the final product, I am going to use this rubbery plastic for the final product.

Also, I founded out a problem with the layers. Due to the thickness of the material itself, the layer behind wouldn’t be visible which doesn’t accomplish my original idea. What I decided was using a see-through the fabric rather than making two-layer and stick them together. The plan I have is making the base, the ocean itself, then plastic trash, thin blue fabric, marine animal, and the base. The marine animal and plastic trash would be only made out of the plastic sheets.

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Sea In The Ocean: Define & Inquire

Design Brief

Design Padlet

Made with Padlet

User Persona


Reflection 1

During this design process, I learned a lot about the process and the basic concept of product design. The most successful thing during this process was my observational drawing skills. Before I was not interested in drawing a lot, so I never really practiced drawing before. During class, I got the opportunity to practice drawing so that defiantly helped me improve my drawing skill and the confident level of my drawings. I am concerned about my next project, the sea in the ocean. I am worried about since I have limited resources of eco-friendly materials, how I am going to use these materials and make the things that I was to make. However, there is a lot of limited resources at our school, and out in the field, so I am concerned, but I have trust that this design process would work out well in the end. My next goals are to sketch my idea of the sea on the ocean and make prototypes of the products. Also, I have to learn the basics of natural dye and how I can use precious plastic or other materials. The reason why I am making this product is that I have difficulty using shower curtains since some curtains don’t allow enough light to come through. When you shower without a shower curtain, all of the water splashes to the ground with makes a huge puddle for the next user. This is why I decided to make a shower curtain that could solve these problems. However, I wanted my product to have serval purposes of attracting consumers to buy it. Since the earth is suffering under the tremendous amount of plastic, I needed to make a shower curtain that had two purposes, having the function of working as a shower curtain, and also saving the earth. Since the shower curtain is placed in a bathroom, and it has to do with water, I decided to focus on Marine pollution. I want to make a functional shower curation that can both use sustainable materials and raise awareness of marine pollution.

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The Hanging Nest

Hanging Nest

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Designer Persona

This is a persona of my self with a picture and some information. I made this so people could get to know me personally with background information. The most valuable information was that I should use different colors and fonts. This was useful because at first, I was going to make into the same font a shape, but after the feedback, I changed my mind, which ended up better than before.

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Income Inpoly

This video is about Income Inequality in China. Income Inequality had been an issue for China for around a decade now. Due to other important issues, income inequality is in the shadow while income inequality is just as important as climate issues or plastic. I created this video in a unique way that I had never done and I am satisfied with the way I had come out with. Please Enjoy:)

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Throwing A Ball

During the I learned how to use logger pro and the concept of RMSE. Also, I learned the better concept of quadratic and linear equations. I think this project was related to our M3 and M4 unit. The graph about speed was a quadratic formula and a graph so the concept in M4. For the linear equation, is cited to the learning in M3. During this project, our group worked well with collaboration throughout the whole process. While making the graph, I and Jiwon had a hard time figuring out how to use logger pro like creating the graph or how to figure out the function. William who knew how to use logger pro did our graph for us. Since William did our job, I and Jiwon did some of his jobs. Our group worked the best at collaboration. We did a good job dividing the job that had to be done. While William made the video by pulling all the parts together, Jiwon did the part of figuring out the function and helped the making process of the video. I wrote the comparison between every three graphs/functions. By this, we felt like we were all contributing to this project and doing the job that was supposed to be done. While our group did a great job at collaboration, we also lacked communication. While Jiwon and William were making the video they kind of had a small disagreement about the font that was used. However, in the end, our group finally came with an agreement so the communication wasn’t a big problem during the project. If I had a chance to redo the whole thing, I would do things earlier and don’t leave the project until the last moment. Because we left it to the last moment, we were in a big rush. Even if we finished the project in time, it all done in a hurry and it was very stressful when you try to do something in a short period of time.

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Polymer Journal #5

Journal #5 by Olivia

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Polymer Journal #4

Journal #4 by Olivia

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