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Writing Reflection

I found hard to uses word to destrbe my thinking and alot of words that can’t spell. If posable i would like to wright the essay on oline. also reread my pargraph.

The Circular Economy Introduction



  1. Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact will it have on your learning?
    1. I think that this will make us think about making designs that are helpful for both human and nature
  2. How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something?
    1. It changed my mind about how we can solve this problem, for example, we can start from the making process
  3. What idea in the CE resonated with you? Why?
    1. The world has become polluted with all tho one-time use items

Book update 2


Author: Chuuni Suki

Chapter 198 

To now the boy has cleared 5 out of the 7 dungeons in this world and has stoped a war between two nations.

MCC Product Project – Protfolio

Made with Padlet

Shelter V3 test

  1. How have you tested your prototype /ideals so far?
    I have discussed with my arent about what house price in Sheung Yi and come to a low price that will benefit both sides.

Shelter V3 plan

  1. How well does what you have created fit what you planned.
    I have planned to make a house for low to mid-income people to use if they got a financial crisis. And my has designed to hold a family as well as helping them cut their water bill and also food problem.

Book update 1


Author: Chuuni Suki

Page am at Chapter 97 (the 10th volume it just became chapters)

To now the boy has cleared 4 out of the 7 dungeons in this world and has a goal to clear all dungeons to obtain it’s power and defeated the god to return to their home…

Book update

Book name: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Author: Chuuni Suki

Where I am at V6 Ch 1

about a boy and his class got summoned into a new world by the world’s god to fight for humanity. During their training In a dungeon the boy fell into the abyss…

The book was a fun book. As it was very similar to my dreams and very creative.

Shelter V2 Virtual Presentation

This design may look like trash, but it contains a lot of useful ideas and hard work. The project is to develop a build that will solve a problem in real life. In my project, I solved water shortages, food problems, and poverty. With this house, you can save water and grow food. If you don’t want the food, why not sell it to people to earn more money.

  1. Develop and Plan
    1. I develop it from visiting others during the v1. this gave me ideas of what I should improve. I would love to do it again.
    2. The planning stage was a very enjoyable stage because it can be perfect. it also gives a measurement of the wall.
    3. I would make a better plan, which helps me manage time better, for responsible design.
  2. Create and Refine
    1. It showed that am eager to learn new things.
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