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Bag design



In this project, we are trying to make a bag to either sell or give to the members of the MCC to use with cheap materials such as plastic bags and fruit wrappings. To do this we have access to tools such as irons and a heat press to help us melt materials together to create a suitable product for our audience that fits their needs.

User story:

The users are members of the MCC and Interviews from Mirro tell us that not many people in Masaka cycle and that person who do cycle has a lack of biking equipment which means that there would be demands of cycling equipment in Masaka for its cyclists. The due to the geological location of Masaka being on the equator the temperature there is very hot. Through table research, it can be found that the people in Masaka does not have widespread uses of WeChat payment or a method similar to it, but they do use credit cards. The user would need equipment‘s to carry cycling essentials and from an interview with Mr. Fidler


Padlet link to notebook content:

What I would chose to write for my essay on books read last semster

During winter break I’ve tried to read Wrath of the Grapes which seemed to be too difficult to understand it deeper meanings with me only understanding only the plot. I was rather disappointed by this book due to it being said to be very very good and is an all time classic by my peers and it wasn’t very exciting due to me feeling no suspense in the novels, but I must admit the characters are well crafted to be real and it seems that almost all of the characters have a habit of doing something this was even shown through the dialogue where the characters have a tendency to say word more times than other characters.


If I were to write a essay on a book I’ve read last semester it would still be From the New World due to it being unique in setting and present a dystopia that is unlike the others. This book was also the first dystopia novel that I’ve read that involves a oppressive or sometimes stupid government, but its characters are not as detailed or as real as the ones in Wrath of the Grapes or is it’s language creative or flowery.

I would write on what made this dystopia so unique from the others and what stopped it from being a complete utopia. The world is depicted as having potential to become a utopia but it is not, what is stopping it from being a utopia  would be what I would like to explore if I were to write an essay on it.


Shelter design V3

User (not user story): A food delivery man who’s too old for the jobs and his body will be faced with severe consequences if he continues this labor heavy job.

My version 3 shelter is made to be convenient for use of old people and also gave them the ability to contact their families members and give them time to learn thing on their free time. To give them free time and make my user work as little as possible while providing them with food while making the ship sustainable. The costs of food and water must also be reduced to as little as possible to reduce economic stress on these retired workers To do this while fitting 6-8 of my target audiences in I first had eight beds which is supposed to fold into the wall and save space and have broads that are slidable like the move-able white board walls. This type of wall allows for a increase in privacy while saving alot of space for a dinner table, a automated kitchen and a sofia to watch a TV.  Also each side of the bed will be attached with a ipad that can allow people chat with their families virtually and learn new things. To supply the people on broad with food without giving them too much economic stress my user would need to buy rice and fruits and very little vegetablea and meat, because fish and kelp already helps to provides some food, but these types of food can only reduce the economic pressure. To do as little damage as possiable to the ecosystem of a certain ocean when many of these houses are sailing an automated system will guide all the boat house to fish in certain areas allowing for the fish population to replenish thus reducing the damage to the envirnemnt. To furthur pervent harm to the envirnemnt the power can be generated through self adjusting solar panels and energy usage can be saved by letting the engine with uses very powerful hydrogen fuel for combustion spin a generater when sailing. This engine would also provide the people on broad with water to completely remove their water costs. To save heating costs the ship will have large windows to let in sunlight when there is sunlight and have thick curtains to close when night comes to insolate as much heat as possible thus saving heating costs.

My design connects to the user by helping them have low economic pressure and reducing the hours they have to work while helping them to connect with their families at a distance but also to keep them company with electronic devices. The high number of people in this space would make the boat house very cramped so the house must use foldable walls to provide privacy and origami furniture to save space.


Basic Design Template V3 (1)

Reading blog

Book: 来自新世界 (Novel not comic)

Author: 贵志祐介

Page: 50

I think this book does really well on swift world-building and the majority of how this world function is already revealed to you. Factors such as threats and the position of humans and their environment are already revealed so now I am wondering why are there somethings not revealed to us. Questions such as how did the first magic capable people emerge and why didn’t they emerge earlier? What happened to the none magical people.

Page: 126

The world-building suddenly took a swift turn and the narrator Saki informed us that there is something wrong with this world such as people disappearing and people’s memory is erased and altered, but this was told to us and not shown. This is likely the first sign of showing the dark side of this half utopian world. Through the people who disappeared I think that the people who have erased share some characteristics such as cheating and dishonesty and characters such as Saturo may be targeted in the future. Animals in this book such a queer rats were given heavy focus and their relationship with humans is the same as slave to owner, but their purpose in the story is not yet clear, but some are shown to have aggression towards humans and not show absolute submission like most of them.


I like this book because I have read the summary of it and its genre is said to be dystopian which is my favorite genre and from the few pages I dug into, I wasn’t able to find any of the oppressive government tropes which I hate signaling that this is a refreshing dystopian novel for me.

Book: 来自新世界 (Novel not comic)

Author: 贵志祐介

I had finished this book and read it a second time to realize the brilliance of its ending due to it being an extreme of show and not tell. The story show the continuum of the one in power oppressing the ones without with justifications of self presevence by showing the main character’s veiw who has already become the leader of her community. When she killed a rat slave(humans without   superpowers turned into rats) who is enduring unimaginable pain for trying to wipe out the superpowered humans in a coup, she didn’t die as a result from the death feedback loop which shows that she never saw the rat as a human at all even after she was told that the rats were humans without superpowers which signal the continuation of the oppression of none superpowered humans.

Book: Che: A revolutionary life

Page 472


This book is about the life of Che Ernesto and shows his life from being a student to being on the battlefield of the Cuban revolution. The book mainly presented his views and opinions through internal dialogue and humanized him through a great focus on his personal life. Chev as a communist was not only shown through which side he chose to join it was also shown through his personal life where he tells one not to pray to a God that stays silent.

Book: Che: A revolutionary life

Page: Finished

The book tells the full life of Che Ernesto through his teenage years all the way till his death in armed conflict. This book presented everything in an engaging manner with a fast-paced plot, but this fast paced plot has the draw back of not being able to build any tension in the plot which would be cherry on top for the story. This story also didn’t give any insight on how personal experience had effected his belifes.

A Street Car Named Desire.

Page: Finished

This book shares common traits with a Greek tragicty with the main character starting off with high status, meets something he or she cannot control before dropping to a lower status due to his or her ambitions or traits. This story shows Blanch with a ranch that was taken by the government due to his father owning slaves on it and the character moves to her sister’s house to continue her life but her unwillingness to give up the hope that she will regain her status sent her into a downward spiral that eventually landed her in a mental hospital.

The book was quite confusing and strange for me and was extremely boring. I shared no sympathy for any of the characters due to them not able to connect with me and felt disappointed after reading this play that bored me after I have read it.



Page: Finished

I have read many of H.P. Lovecrafts stories before and by far this was the most difficult to read so far. The language was fervently beautiful and presented the unfathomable to the reader along with other worldly sight. I got lost mid way through due not understanding what is going on.

Geography and design

The Trends in the oceans where all my prototypes are set in provide an environment that is suitable for fish and kelp to grow. The Trend also shows that the ocean is composed of basically made from salt and water or H2o and you can extract hydrogen and oxygen to combust for fuel and water to drink and is suitable for fish and marine plants which be used to act as a source of food for the people.

The patterns show that in the oceans some regions are much more turbulent than others such as places where the land starts to close and the flow converges. These parts are the places that you don’t sail as the waves could cause discomfort and pose threats to the people on the boat and these places should be replaced. Recent patterns show that in the middle of the pacific garbage clumps and stays.

Relationships: The boat does not release any pollution into the air as the hydrogen fuel only releases water vapor after it is combusted but the lithium-ion batteries would pollute the environment if it is dumped, disposed of, or not recycled. The benefits can be further magnified by attaching kelp farms to the bottom to take carbon dioxide from the ocean and have it dump plastic-eating bacteria into the ocean when it crosses the pacific garbage dump so it not only has little harm to the environment it would also help the environment.

Scale: When this is put into use it will be like cars but there will be fewer users and it will act like a car that does the opposite of polluting the air and instead it will have less power to take out carbon dioxide from the ocean than cars releasing carbon dioxide into the air. The plastic-eating bacteria will not require too much effort for them to have a great effect as the bacteria growth would be exponential.

Shelter V2 develope and plan

How did I come up with my ideas?

I would see the requirements and bring up a solution for each of them then I would evaluate them to see if they fit the requirements well. It is similar to disrupt thinking, but I now evaluate each of the ideas and then scrape some of them and leaving the most fit behind like an AI would do. I think I am going to use this again as this is a quit useful method.


What did I enjoy during

the planning stage?

I enjoy trying out all the new things here and messing with things until I get a variable solution. The idea of dumping is pretty fun as well, but the evaluation of them takes time and isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do.


How would I use the idea of responsive design to improve the design?

I would see what hindrances are there for example a solar panel can take in sunlight and give you electricity, but is not very efficient and would need a huge amount of sunlight to get more electricity, but an efficient fusion reactor is clean and can take in some gases fuse them and get tremendous amounts of energy in return. Then I would start to eliminate some choice after I compare them, for example, the fusion reactor would be extremely expensive and an efficient fusion reactor is not built with our current technology. If an efficient fusion reactor does exist it will be very expensive and not every family would be able to have a house like this provided by the state thus giving birth to inequalities therefore the solar panel option would still be the more optimal option, because it is getting cheaper and cheaper and doesn’t pollute the environment. Although it is not excellent it still fits the base requirements.











Shelter V2 Presentation Reflection

Content change.

Many people don’t understand the certain concepts of my presentation so I will need to first explain how certain components work first or people for the people have demonstrated that they don’t know how some of these things work. One of the people that I presented seems to ask the same questions that I’ve answered so this shows that I didn’t explain it clearly enough.

First I need to tell my audience my wicked and enduring problems which is pollution in the ocean and reducing economic stress on retire workers and their sons and daughters. Then I will need to say how many people will fit in this house which is 6-8. Then I need to introduce the needs of this house which is to be spacious, can move with renewable energy, can have an environmentally friendly income of electricity and a source of freshwater and food.

Seconde I need to explain the scientific concepts such as the electrolysis process, origami folds, kelp photosynthesis process, and oxygen-hydrogen combustion.

Third I need to label the components of my house such as the Kelp farm, Engine housing, the floors, and the spherical roof with dimples.

Then I need to explain each in detail.

  1. The Kelp farm both helps clean the environment and feed the people as the photosynthesis of Kelp would take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This would be placed under the house will have flippable glass panels for it to be harvested and then eaten.
  2. The solar panels will give the house an energy source to be stored in Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will give power to viperine water and power the electrolysis process to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and powering the foldable mechanisms in the house which would be responsible for helping make the house spacious for 6-8 people.
  3. The oxygen-hydrogen engines will first vaporize the seawater and then use the electrolysis process to separate the steam into hydrogen and oxygen then combust them in a piston engine chamber to produce steam as a combustion byproduct and will supply the people with water.
  4. The Origami will help steer the boat and make the house spacious for 6-8 people and the electro motors will do the heavy lifting for the old labors.
  5. The flippable panels allow easy and quick access to the kelp farms



I haven’t got any communitive feedback to help me improve, but what they did say is for me to explain every part more clearly which would go into the content category.





Smart goals for next to houses

I have seen what I am worst at and after looking back at some of my action I think I should reflect on my designs better as this house could have a severe impact on the market and I need to know what these design can have on the market on my target audience and the environment. The second goal is to take more feedback and to get better feedback I must convey my ideas clearly and then I need to use the feedback to make improvements and then see what problems are there and fix them.

Now and Next


My Imovie briefly introduces what my house is, what my target audience is, what material will it be made of,  what my criteria are, and what criticisms I’ve received.  My house is made for retired workers and will be made out of various industrial materials. My criteria contain sustainability and compactness and criticisms I’ve received are that the origami parts are too heavy for the people to move to transform the house and the drag from the water will cause the boat to flip.

Imovie link:


I would give myself a meeting as I did have made the design very clears and have a model that functions like how I want it to function and I have considered problems such as compactness, cost, the time needed for manufacturing, what materials would be needed and sustainability into consideration when designing. I’ve learned new applications of art like origami and compliant hinges(Door for the gate and adjustable boat tip and transformable insides). I’ve designed a boat that partially meets my criteria as there is no way to provide vegetation or rice to the people living on board.  I had a plan in my mind and it worked out great, but due to my poor craftsman skills, the effectiveness f the folds have all been reduced by the inaccurate fold and the incorrect fold.



If I were to goes through the design cycle again I would make sure that there are better design and arrangements of the roof area and add more origami and choose a more space-efficient origami room layout and since the criticism, I’ve received from my peer’s ahs all been “fixed” there is only the need to meet my own criteria and make my house use more sustainable and green materials as the lithium-metals in the batteries are extremely toxic to the environment I would have to find a more sustainable material while the global demand of cobalt makes it a expensive material, because of this the state will have more trouble providing it to retired workers.


Shelter V1 reflection

This project is about making a shelter for your intended costumers and I decided to make this for old people who have retired from working. This house is designed to be compact, sustainable, and highly automated. The people living in this house only needs to rest and eat and study what they like, learn some hobbies or new skills. This house is highly compatible because it can fold and change its need according to the people’s needs and all moving parts are powered by electromotors to make the house more sustainable. This house is designed to hold a population of 6 people like a commune because it would and should be produced by the state to help the retired workers to live a fruitful and worry less 70’s. For the state or industries to produce it at a cheap price or give it to the retired workers for free it would have to house more than one person so that there is enough of these for everyone to live in.


The house is sustainable as it has a wide array of solar panels on the top to charge some batteries in the house. The batteries will provide electricity to ignite or start an engine that uses hydrogen and oxygen as fuel. Note that this takes very little energy as it only needs one moment to heat up the gases to combustion temperatures and then the engine will run no problem. The engines will power a propeller to move the boat around and use additional rotational energy to charge up the batteries. The main usage of electricity is the electrolysis process to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen in the water and generate the heat needed to evaporate the water so that no toxic flumes gets produced after the electrolysis process.


This solution is for people who are too old to do heavy laboring like delivering food to house or farming in the felids. These people who have retired will not need to worry about starving or putting financial stress on their sons and daughters. This house is extremely sustainable and can last a very long time at sea. Because of the heavy fishing capabilities, fish will soon be an everyday meal that not only the rich can enjoy. With this house, people who have retired can live a happy life and use the rest of their life however they like.

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