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Independent book reflection

On the holiday,  I read a book called ‘Kite Runner’. Personally speaking, I think this book was very interesting and impressive because this book is about poor people who are living in a wretched life. Counting to this book, I read about 4 fictions and completed so far as part of my own independent reading. I think this book (kite runner) influenced the most impacts to me because previously, I did not know the serious problems for people who are poor or pathetic. However, this book provided with knowledges and understandings about people who are living in a poor lifestyle. This book also contained the most creative uses of language, for example, it exploited some metaphors and repetitions. Moreover, this book would attest to be most useful for writing a literary essay because the message of this book is indirectly exhilarating and provides good understandings to the worlds. Since the book called ‘Crunch’ is also a famous novel in the world and I am excited to read the plot and the climax, my next novel or text would be the book ‘Crunch’.

The Circular Economy Introduction

1. What idea in the CE resonated with you? Why?

The idea of regenerating natural system has resonated me because before I saw the principles of CE, I did not anticipate that regenerating natural system is also using circular process to clean and sustain the environments. Moreover, I previously thought regenerating the natural system cannot be implemented according to modern technologies, but the fact that numerous companies are considering and making about the problems of natural system made me to pay attention to it.

2. How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something?

Today’s lesson helped me to know the definition of CE and the fact that many solutions are taking circular process to solve the problem. In addition, today’s lesson also changed my mind that designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; regenerating natural systems are treated as serious problems to companies, and companies are considering to solve it.

3. Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact with it have on your learning?

The CE is taught in this subject because it helps me to obtain better understanding of circular diagrams, and how people are contributing to solve these kinds of problems. I believe it would impact my learning by allowing to understand in variety ways, and adding the knowledge of CE.


MCC Product Project – Portfolio

1. User Story

User story statement: Athletes in MCC are a professional cyclist who has the problem of lacking containers that can fill with numerous supplies. They need to have bags that they can put lots of supplies into, in order to be successful and cycle conveniently.

  • MCC website
  • Cycling problem list
  • Materials need for cycling

2. Success Criteria

  • Limit movement (can modulate)
  • Attached to bike – transportable, keeper
  • Can fill with supplies, such as water bottle, food, or materials
  • Size: 25cm (from the top), 9cm, 15cm – large bags
  • Made up of divergent plastics: very sturdy and robust
  • Useful in training: keep athletes comfortable when riding a bike for a long time
  • Contain lots of space, and light weight

3. Annotated pictures


4. Materials that I developed or made from the last Thursday’s class

Independent book reflection

On the holiday, I read the book called ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This book is the most interesting book that I have ever read in this semester. I think I read to fourth chapter, which is page 133. The story was different and the genre was totally vary from the last book (‘The Giver’) that I read before I read this book. I believe the story was not anticipated. In addition to the book, in spite of having incomplete the whole chapter, I want to recommend this book to other person or people. The reason is the story is appropriate to understand the plot and it is the most famous book in the world. I believe all people would know this book. Therefore, I would recommend to the people who do not know the story of this book. From the three novels that I read by now, my favorite novel is ‘The Giver’.  Although the book Romeo and Juliet has large amounts of good stories in it, I think the book ‘The Giver’ has more marvelous story. Moreover, reading the book ‘The Giver’ made me feel relaxed and relieve stress. Thus, my favorite book is the book ‘The Giver’.

Chosen book reflection

I chose a book called ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon’. I read up to page 131 so far.  The changes and developments in the novel compared to last reflection were I read the book called ‘Giver’, which is the book that I wrote in last reflection, but I was done with that, so I chose another book. Moreover, the developments were I started to annotate the book. Since I read the previous book, I want to recommend book ‘Giver’ to other people. The reason is ‘Giver’ helps people to experience different worlds and makes people feel vivid emotions. I did not abandoned a novel, I finished it. In this chosen book, the author uses unique use of language and structures from book ‘Giver’. The author in this book uses old languages and quotes, especially, the languages that cannot comprehend exactly. On the contrary, this chosen book is that the most part is composed of formal languages, couple of words are highlighted to underscore, and uses metaphor and simile.  The themes have I noticed are this book is about autism, empathy, and mystery. My interpretation of author’s message is respect and help people who are involved in autism; do not discriminate or make misunderstanding with other people including them. I think this story is a good and highly rated book, therefore, I picked this book in this reflection.

How have you tested your prototype/ideas so far?

I tested my ideas and prototypes by researching, experimenting, and doing all of things that I could do to my design. For example, at first, I designed my shelter with house shape, making water tanks, and other materials to confirm what fits to my constraints and design.  However, it didn’t fit or make sufficient, so I had to change it. Second, I planned to make the house with skateboard shape. Then, I manufactured the skateboard houses with small supplies to make light weight and transportable. Therefore, I acquired this design would fit to my information and probably satisfy my purpose and constraints, so I chose to make this sort of design. For now, I finished testing my ideas, and making the design so far.

Model so far – 11/11/20

Previously, I had shortages on Define & Inquire stage. I was thinking too much information about the shelter. For example, cheap house, necessary tools, transportable, and so on. Thus, I forgot the real purpose and I was not able to invent an idea of consequence. I made a shelter with a regular house shape with rooms in it. However, this cannot adequate the needy of my information about the shelter. Thus, I need to change the whole process (basic template + user story). With an additional assistance from Mr. Fidler, I was able to remind the shelter that is skateboard shape. The skateboard shelter is sufficient for light weight and other sorts of information. In addition to the shelter, I recalled my idea of concentration to real purpose, which is manufacturing transportable shelter. Therefore, for now, I am making a house with skateboard shape with tents, water tanks and food supplies in it, and sufficient to the information as possible as I could. For my next target, I want to concentrate on develop & create stage. I am working on making a shelter. After that, I would focus on explaining my shelter in beneficial way.

Book Reflection

I chose a dystopian book called Giver.The protagonist of the story, which is a memory receiver, acting as a rebellion against the society. Toward the story, I want to ask why the society became a perfect world with no crimes or mistakes. Moreover, I have a question of what is the main conflicts (climax) between the society and the protagonist. This story has a personal relationship with our life. For example, there is a period which we think a perfect. However, we always have a mistake or issue. Analogous to the story, the protagonist thought the world was a perfect world, but it was not. The prediction that I am able to make about the rest of story is the main character would have people to feel memories and feelings. Then, he will help the people of a society to overcome it. The story has made me realize about there is no perfect world in our society, a mistake already shows entities, our method is to solve the mistakes.

Geography and Design #1

  1. How do the core concepts of Geography connect to your Project Shelter design work so far? Be specific.

A: The core concepts of Geography contain scale, relationship, trend, and pattern. My project shelter has a core concept, which is relationship and scale. For example, my project shelter has various relationships with a human. Especially, the necessary things, such as water tanks, or solar panels. These are the answer to a geography compelling question, “How does the shelter affect people to live comfortably in the shelter?” It is associated to the concepts of Geography.

2.   In what ways will what you’ve learnt about Geography so far influence the way you design?

A: The ways that will influence the way of design is it will make me consider the way I design. Which means I will make the design related to the Geography shelter. For example, environments are closely linked to the Geography. Thus, I am going to consider more things that are related to Geography, such as Nature (surrounding area). The more I learn about Geography, the better create my design.

Shelter v2 Virtual Presentation


Introduction: This is about my shelter V2. My shelter includes solar panels, water tanks, trees, a desk, a table, and so on. The surrounding area is nature. The purpose of my shelter is to give rest to people who are tired and low income. My shelter V2 is an upgraded version of shelter V1.

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