two sisters, Sabrina and Daphne, are orphans. but to every foster home they go,they escape. one time, they go to a old woman named Relda Grimm’s home, and she claims she’s their grandma. but Sabrina doesn’t believe her, and tries to escape anyway, but fails. then, after a grand adventure, and they learn a lot of facts about their family… including the fact that their parents are still alive

my favorite character is puck, because he’s funny, and the fact that he can turn into anything he wants. also, he saves the main characters from jack (from jack and the beanstalk).

jack is a traitor who craves attention. i’ve lived with someone like that for my whole life: my7 brother. he would convince you to do something like, say, make his bed, then he would say he did it himself. that’s why i hate him so much.

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