The Sisters Grimm- The Unusual Suspects

the sisters Grimm, descendants of the brothers Grimm, famous “fairy tale” writers, had discovered that the fairy tales are not fiction, but are real, and the characters, Ever-afters, are alive and kicking. but they live in a town called Ferryport Landing, disguised as humans, and are trapped there. a evil Ever-after called Rumplstiltskin hatched a plan to break the barrier that trapped the ever-afters inside. but that would cause chaos. so they have to stop him…

my favorite character is Puck, because he can turn to anything he wants. he can even make wings sprout from his back! he’s also funny, and often gets into mischief. that’s why i like him most.

in this book, mr. Canis, AKA the big bad wolf, saved everyone but resulted in getting himself killed. other books show that too, and a prime example is Percy Jackson: the last Olympian- when Annabeth blocked a stab to percy (but she didn’t die).

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