June is Not a Time for Bullying

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You finally stood up to that bully. You weren’t afraid of them anymore.  In the contrary – they might be afraid of you. That’s what the main character of my story, June, felt when she finally stood up to the bully in her story – June. She showed huge character growth in the story – In the beginning of the story, she was very afraid and “slink[ed] like a whipped dog” (Mazer 3) from the June who bullied and teased her in her swimming class  and, eventually, her school. However, near the end, she stood up to the bully, and ended the dynasty of terror that was the other June.

The character June experienced a big character development in this story, from being scared of someone who teased and hurt her to standing up and telling her to stop. In the beginning of the story, the June who bullied her “only had to growl… for [June’s] heart to slink” (Mazer 3), but at the end, she said, “No – more.” (Mazer 8). She was scared when she first met the other June and tried everything to stop going to the classes where she was there. But near the end of the story, she learned that, to stop June from harassing her, she just had to stand up to her. And, she knew that “this was [a bad day for] the other June.”(Mazer 10), meaning that the other June wasn’t expecting this to happen and was shocked and embarrassed.

      I had a very similar experience in my lifetime. when I was in BSB (British School of Beijing), I was a bully of sorts. It was funny, because I was the “muscle” of this other kid called, let’s say, Nick. He pressured me to follow him, and I did, for a few months. but I was really mad when he started bullying some of my good friends, including Sunny, my best friend there. I finally put my foot down and Stood up to him. I told him that I will never talk to him ever again and reported him to a teacher. I finally did the right thing, but I regret following him for such a long time.


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