The American Revolution from a Merchant’s Perspective

Adam is a foods and entertainment merchant living in Boston. He loves his job and home, but the only thing ruining the place that he lives is his sister, who lives near him. Adam resents her because of their different political views. At the start of his revolutionary journey, he is a devout patriot, angered by the taxes that the British imposed on him and his colleagues. His sister, on the other hand, is a loyalist, who admires the crown and the United Kingdom. Join Adam on his journey as he fights against the British at first, but, coping with the murder of his sister by a patriot, has to reconsider his values. Will he choose to take revenge on his previous allies, or will he persist as a patriot and witness the rise of a new nation?

The American revolution was a very important event. not only was a superpower birthed, but its political values as a nation reshaped the globe – those include emphasis on freedom, equality, and democracy, which are a huge consideration in Adam’s choice to stay in the United States. In addition to physical freedom, religious freedom was also one of the perks of America, though it was there before the revolution. Although things look good for Adam, a white male, women and Africans would still suffer for years to come, and they are still being mistreated to this day. However, they were given the power to change laws that persecute them, because the country, after the revolution, established a democracy, so that the common people could change the country for the better.

In short, the revolution was certainly a very important event, and it changed many things across the globe.

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