Meet the Next Step in Refrigerator Technology: The RefrigerBerry

This is a RefrigerBerry, a box that keeps your berries cool – wherever you go!

Using top-of-the-line waterproof cardboard, and a high-tech milk-box container shell, the RefrigerBerry fulfills your e-berry (get it?) need. There are two compartments – one on the bottom for ice to keep to berries cool, and the berry compartment at the top to hold your delicious fruits.

Although the idea was the same, the prototype differed a lot from the design. The original design was supposed to be round and had a lockable lid. The handle would flip into place and carabiners could clip onto it. However, due to the fact that we were stuck in a house and couldn’t get a lot of the supplies, lack of investors, no water-proof materials in the house, and the shortage of industrial-level plastic molders, we had to resort to a milk-box container for our prototype. Gosh, it even took us an hour to find tape! Long story short, the prototype was not everything I wanted it to be (it wasn’t even waterproof) and it could’ve been better. However, it provided a general concept of the design and allowed me to come up with a company slogan: “RefrigerBerry – Always keep your berries cool!” which is the whole point of making a prototype in the first place.

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