Something’s Cooking Up Here…

My name is Robinson, and I’m thirteen. for my 7th grade one-day activity, I chose The Hutong. I Picked this one day activity because I like cooking, also because I live in a Hutong. i like cooking because its fun to combine two different flavors to make a completely different flavor. as a group, we decided that we would cook sichuan food. i chose sichuan because my mom was from that place, so i was interested in their cuisine.


what did you do well?

I think we did the best on the cauliflower, because it tasted the best out of the three pieces of cooking we did.

what did you learn?

how to cook three dishes

what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

the beef was too spicy, so i didn’t eat it.

why is one day important?

one day is important because it helps students explore interests and also, it lets us get out of school.