What I liked the best was seeing all those buddhas that the Buddhists believe in, and how they pray using incense to the Buddhas in the lama temple. I also liked how they kneeled on a block and lowered their heads so that it touched the floor. I also saw a praying wheel, and I played around with it. I like how still and quiet the temples were, how everyone was still, watching the person praying and/or waiting for their turn. In the Confucious school, the thing I liked the most was how peaceful it was, and how there was fish swimming around. overall, all of these places were beautiful.

Something’s Cooking Up Here…

My name is Robinson, and I’m thirteen. for my 7th grade one-day activity, I chose The Hutong. I Picked this one day activity because I like cooking, also because I live in a Hutong. i like cooking because its fun to combine two different flavors to make a completely different flavor. as a group, we decided that we would cook sichuan food. i chose sichuan because my mom was from that place, so i was interested in their cuisine.


what did you do well?

I think we did the best on the cauliflower, because it tasted the best out of the three pieces of cooking we did.

what did you learn?

how to cook three dishes

what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

the beef was too spicy, so i didn’t eat it.

why is one day important?

one day is important because it helps students explore interests and also, it lets us get out of school.


Robinson’s Catch-All

this is my catch-all. i plan for it to stay in my home, and hold my stuff, like pencils and my phone.

My biggest success was when the catch-all could hold very heavy things, like my computer, and not tip.

my biggest obstacle was when my platforms started to droop down at a angle, and some things slipped and fell. my solution wasto cut the end that stuck in at an angle, and so it didn’t tip as much.

This product addresses the needs of my client by making it customizable, and you can switch the platforms to wherever you want.

safe and supportive learning environment

I am helping by inviting new students to learn with me, and invite them to be friends with me, and by encouraging them and helping them to familiarize with the school, by showing them around and introducing them to my friends so they can help them too.

i can help better by encouraging students to follow those instructions, for example, i can remind someone to stop talking when we’re supposed to be listening.


The highlight was going home because I was kinda homesick and wanted to see my family, and i was kind of underwhelmed by the trip, because i did those things a lot of times in chaoyang park

The challenge was surviving or doing the ladder thingamabob because I couldn’t lift myself up when we were on the 3rd log and relied on my friends to move up, but we ran out of time.

I collaborated when I helped and encouraged my friends on the courses, like when one of my friends were scared, we encouraged them by shouting stuff like “you can do it!”