Boxers: Bad or Benevolent?

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap; they were rightfully angry at the foreigners for destroying China’s economy, culture and reputation. A big piece of evidence was the Opium wars and the “unequal treaties”. After the opium wars, the foreigners forced China to sign the “unequal treaties” that destroyed China’s economy, and basically divided china up to themselves. Many Chinese people suffered major poverty in that time, and many were treated badly by the Foreigners. Therefore, the Boxers do not deserve a bad rap.


Dulce Et Decorum Est: A Documentary on the Horrors of War

Directed by Wilfred Owen, this movie has gotten a record 99.99% on the movie review website rotten, won an Oscar for Best Picture, and voted “Best Documentary of 2019” by the readers of The Penguinland Post. Though not suitable for children, this movie follows Wilfred Owen in his story fighting in WW1. As seen on the movie poster above, the movie emphasizes on the quotes “Dulce Et Decorum Est” (Owen 1) and “In all my dreams… drowning.” (Owen 1) in Wilfred’s own poem Dulce Et Decorum Est in order to clarify the theme of both of Owen’s creations, how war is not something that is glorified – it is something that haunts you for your life.