For OneDay, I chose to work on a board game that uses the mind to determine what things look like and dice to determine what happens when you make a choice. We made a map that showed a general overview of the made-up world that our game took place in and where we made our game. We also made several weapons cards to have some physical features that allowed people to see what they could do

I chose this OneDay project because I thought it would be cool making a game and it was a very interesting subject to try and explore. I also thought that making a world where you wandered around meeting made up things was cool and I would have loved to actually play a professional idea maker that had already made a good story and play it.

The major events of this day were created because we had to do think about what the story was and we had to think from scratch for everything we wanted to do.

The day was really good for about the first two hours then we ran into a brick wall that destroyed our entire plan, we then had to pretty much change our entire plan to something that instead was more physical instead of more mental type of playstyle.


One Day Map and other Sheets