The book that I read for my resolution multi media project was Rage of Lions¬†written by Curtis Jobling. I believe that the theme of this book is maturity because it shows a boy that has become a man because Drew the main character was once a simple farmer but now he has too rule an entire kingdom.¬† “The dirt in his clenched fist erupted from his hand, flying fast into the Staglord’s face. Manfred staggered back, blinded by the cloud of dust.” (Jobling 31) this comes in fairly early in the book showing that Drew is still using some of the tricks that he picked up during his times as a boy that isn’t really so king like. “Leave my friends? Impossible. I’d die for those people. Where are they?” (Jobling 335) This shows that by the end of the book for the most part Drew has matured to a part where he is noble and instead of using dirty tricks to get what he wants, he is willing to go in nobly and just fight everyone the right way.






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