This was me and my partner’s first initial design of what we wanted our door to look like. Our scale for our design was that for every 1 cm on paper, we would do 10 cm on the actual sheet. This design was made by my partner George He, we decided to later scrap his idea of the trees and lanterns at the top and replace it with what I thought but keep the Chinese character at the bottom.

This is what our final design looked like as we inputted my design which was on top with George’s design which was on the bottom, this is what we used for our final design which looked like this.

My biggest success was being able to cut out the door handle and the doorstop because for me those were very difficult to measure and the rounded semi-circle almost like shape at the top created issues for me.

My biggest obstacle was that it was really hard for me to draw my balloons to the scale that I wanted to because they were rounded and not straight.

Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because I wasn’t able to really do the balloons to my liking as well as not being able to measure them creating very frustrating moments for me.