This is my video dairy on what my character, Vadim feels about what has happened since the death of Lenin and the rise of Stalin. Vadim served in the Red Guard during the Russian Revolution of October 1917, and seriously gained from the overthrowing of the Tsar and the subsequent Civil War that plagued Russia. For his achievements during the civil war, Vadim gained much more influence within the party as well as more knowledge about what the party was doing. But when Lenin died, Vadim was in perpetual fear that Stalin would kill him like he had done to most of the other influenced members of the party.

Vadim thinks that the Russian Revolution was worth it despite the cost and the future of dispair that would come in time with the rein of Stalin. He thinks that in the end Stalin was better than the Tsar and Russia would be able to move on and live on in there pursuit of their freedom and their goals. He believes that the sacrifice everyone made for the revolution would in turn prove to be a deciding factor and decisive factor in the rise of Russia on the world stage.

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