I was able to finish Pillars of the Earth awhile ago,   I very much enjoyed the book. It was one of the best reads that I have done so far, it was by far the longest book I have ever read and I was really intrigued by the time period and characters. I still have questions and including the main villain in this story, William, was made such a terrible character and someone utterly un-relatable. I understand that he was supposed to be the enemy in the story, but he turns from a semi-relatable young man into a rapist who gets what he wants when he wants it. It turns him into a monster which I know is the intended point, but I still believe that it could have been done another way. Over the course of the book he gets more and more far fetched and in the end, is an un-relatable character, though I can still understand his motives and why he did what he did.

I still feel like this will be a good book to write my essay on as I enjoy it and feel that Ken Follett used good techniques and wrote about interesting stuff.