Somethings that I found difficult during the test were finding things that I could use properly and the organization of my thoughts and ideas. I struggled with finding powerful points that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, supported my thesis and didn’t have the overwhelming evidence I wanted to have.

I did well with something that I believe is that I was able to find things that could support my thesis. While I could have done better, I felt good about the literary techniques that I discovered, such as the diction, tone, and appeals to ethos and logos. Something that I struggled with during the easy was the organization of my ideas. This was because the evidence that I found to support my thesis was generally consistent throughout the whole essay, and I couldn’t divide it up into beginning, middle, and end.

Something that I wish I hope to do differently is learning more of the literary techniques, for example, there’s a technique for the repeated use of the same structure that is not repetition, but I didn’t know it. Therefore I would like to know it by the next one.

I would definitely like to improve upon my proofreading and my annotating abilities for the future.