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Update April 8th

It’s been a while since my last update post. In that time, I have finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and read 3 other books in a series by Curtis Jobling. I have concluded that I don’t want to make my literary analysis essay on Pillars of the Earth or Unbroken. I have talked with Ms. Wong about the books by Curtis Jobling, which I read for fun, and I now think that I want to focus my essay on the character development and character himself of P.K in the book,  The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay.


The reason I want to do this book is that it is my favorite book. I love how Bruce Courtenay developed PK throughout the book; I found him to be one of the most interesting and inspiring characters I have ever met. I find the story of The Power of One fascinating because it follows a lowly British Boy in South Africa during the Second World War, who grows up and becomes a wonderful person who, through his own wit and innovation, can go to Oxford.

English Diagnostic Reflection

Somethings that I found difficult during the test were finding things that I could use properly and the organization of my thoughts and ideas. I struggled with finding powerful points that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, supported my thesis and didn’t have the overwhelming evidence I wanted to have.

I did well with something that I believe is that I was able to find things that could support my thesis. While I could have done better, I felt good about the literary techniques that I discovered, such as the diction, tone, and appeals to ethos and logos. Something that I struggled with during the easy was the organization of my ideas. This was because the evidence that I found to support my thesis was generally consistent throughout the whole essay, and I couldn’t divide it up into beginning, middle, and end.

Something that I wish I hope to do differently is learning more of the literary techniques, for example, there’s a technique for the repeated use of the same structure that is not repetition, but I didn’t know it. Therefore I would like to know it by the next one.

I would definitely like to improve upon my proofreading and my annotating abilities for the future.

Unbroken Book Update

I am still reading the book unbroken, I generally thought that this was a good book while I was going through but over the break, I reached page 345 and I personally believe that it’s dragging on at this point. The book has continued to talk about this guy’s life far past where I think it should have stopped and I personally think it should have stopped. Whereas the rest of the book was about overcoming his hardships and perseverance, the ending of this book talks about things far more depressing including the post-war effect on these men. While this is still important to cover, I would generally have preferred a simple story about someone who survived unsurvivable odds.

January 5th Blog Post

Over the winter break, I started to read the book unbroken. This is a story about a soldier during the Second World War that was stranded in the pacific ocean after being a up and coming olympic prodigy. I made it about 100 pages in so far and then I have stopped for a while.


If I was to write this essay, I would make it about I guess perseverance, because it’s about him being resilient and surviving an unsurvivable situation.

November 30th Book Check In

I finished reading The Pillars of the Earth a while ago, since then I haven’t really found a book that I was focusing on. I read about 50-60 pages of the book “Brethren” about the crusades and decided to come back to it another time, I started reading the book “How I Live Now” after and read like 50 pages of that as well before getting sidetracked with Guts and Glory which I have read about 100 pages so far. I think I am going to finish Guts and Glory and then go to the library where I am going to check out and finish a book that I thought I read cover to cover but now I realize I may not have finished it.

Pillars of the Earth Done – By Ken Follett

I was able to finish Pillars of the Earth awhile ago,   I very much enjoyed the book. It was one of the best reads that I have done so far, it was by far the longest book I have ever read and I was really intrigued by the time period and characters. I still have questions and including the main villain in this story, William, was made such a terrible character and someone utterly un-relatable. I understand that he was supposed to be the enemy in the story, but he turns from a semi-relatable young man into a rapist who gets what he wants when he wants it. It turns him into a monster which I know is the intended point, but I still believe that it could have been done another way. Over the course of the book he gets more and more far fetched and in the end, is an un-relatable character, though I can still understand his motives and why he did what he did.

I still feel like this will be a good book to write my essay on as I enjoy it and feel that Ken Follett used good techniques and wrote about interesting stuff.

Pillars of the Earth Check In – Ken Follett

Pillars of the Earth

Page 950

Written by Ken Follett


Over the course of 5 english days, I continued to read the Historical Epic by Ken Follett, The Pillars Of The Earth. I predict that this book will continue to follow the course it has with following different generations of people in the story. I predict that the book will end with the restoration of Thomas to the position of Archbishop of Canterbury, and with the death of William who has been the enemy of the main characters throughout the entire book.


I believe that this book could be really fun to write about because I love reading it, since it takes places over decades which helps out the setting and constantly introduces new characters to help with characterization.



French Revolution Journal Through My Eyes

My Characters name is Pierre La Crumpet and he is a land owning noble in Southern France. He is not a self made noble and actually pays his workers pretty decently for the time period. He is a very cocky man like most of the other nobles at this time in France. But he is able to survive because of his wits and his ability to adapt to any situtation.



The French Revolution was not successful, this is because so many people died for no reason. France would go full circle in their attempt to get a new form of government and ditch the monarchy. But in the end they ended up with another monarch named Napoleon Bonaparte, and it wouldn’t even die with him. After him would be more Bourbons and more Bonapartes until the real French Republic in 1870 was formed with the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian war.



For Extra Information About The Directory

For More Information About Napoleon

Le France in Ze Peril

The video above shows the French Revolution and its chronological order starting with the meeting of the estates general. The French Revolution was one of the bloodiest revolutions in recent history. The effects of which can still be felt today in its impact on the governments and people of Europe. It is our job as people that have lived after to study and learn from these revolutions so that they should not be forgotten but remembered as the men and women who fought for their freedom against a monarchy that wasn’t right for them.


Danton, Hero or Villain?

Link to the infographic

The character I chose for my French Revolution, Hero or Villain? was Georges Danton. I believe that he was a hero, but he was not like the other members of the Revolutionary party and later government that was so gungho or bloodthirsty. He usurped the king instead through more unorthodox methods that didn’t actually involve him. He was important in rallying the French people against the threat of Prussia when it was on France’;s doorstep and required serious thought to the fact that they would have to move their capital from Paris. He would later go on to oppose the Reign of Terror and speak out against it and Maximillian Robespierre.  To which he was made an enemy of the revolution and was beheaded via guillotine.


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