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Ryan’s Exposition for Trash

Your trash, I’m trash, We’re all trash

The book I am reading is called Trash by Andy Mulligan and takes place in a poorer country and the main character Raphael lives inside of a dump in which everyday he has to look through the trash to see if he can find anything interesting to sell or use to buy food and drinks from the collected items. In this part of the book Raphael is just sorting through the trash looking for rare things like plastic or anything that might have been thrown in the trash. Then Raphael and his partner Gardo find this bag with a wallet inside and 1100 pesos which is the country’s currency and this bag will be the catapult of the story ahead and will define everything that Raphael will be put through.

The main character Raphael and Gardo lives inside a dumpsite, which they have to sort through every single day to find materials that are useful to people outside of the dump and they will pay for them so that people like Raphael and Gardo will be able to buy beers which is the drink that is sold and chicken and rice. There is not too much information on Raphael’s parents as they seem to have died and it is a topic of deep sadness within Raphael. Raphael lives with his aunt in the dumpsite along with his other cousins and sometimes with Gardo and his uncles.  A quote from the book to really summarize what the life Raphael lives is on the very first page on the book before the title inside of the book, “My name is Raphael Fernandez and I am a dumpsite boy. People say to me, “I guess you just never know what you’ll find, sifting through rubbish! Maybe one day you’ll find something nice.” This quote out of the gate just shows us how tough his life is and how the poor kid has to spend his entire life shifting through garbage and trash to look for something that may be worth something. On page 3 of chapter 1

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Ryan’s Food Waste Invention




Skills that I learned or developed was my ability to try and use different methods to do stuff related to what my partner required me to have inside of my design thingy. One skill that I heavily developed was being able to react to my partner’s feedback and what he thought could be improved.

The impact of this product will be that Ryan people all over the world will be able to enjoy pristine healthy pizza because my pizza oven is healthy and defies the laws of everything. This will allow mainly Ryan to never never have to buy other food again because he can use anything to put into the oven.

Overall, I think this product was successful because now it can be put into walls and other things since it is potentially mobile depending on how the owner uses it.


Ryan’s Found Poem

The story that I used was “The Monkey’s Paw” written by the author William W. Jacobs. Out of all the elements of fiction that I could have choose from I decided to choose the characterization or character element of fiction. The main character I focused on was Mrs. White, she is mother of the son named Herbert and the wife of Mr. White. Over the course of the story she will go form a quiet laid back mother that is part of a lovely little family and when a certain Sergeant Major Morris arrives with a mysterious object known as the monkey’s paw to a crazy lady driven mad by the death of her son. One of the most influential lines to me during the story is when Mrs. White says, “Bring him back. Do you think I’m frightened of my own son.” in line 260. This really shows that at this point that Mrs. White was lost it and she was gone crazy about bringing back her dead son. Another extremely influential line is when in line 313&314 the author says, “With a sudden violent movement the old woman broke free and ran from the room.” This shows that she is no longer Mrs. White in a since but in fact a crazy old lady that is driven mad by the sadness and the loss of her son.

Microsoft Word

Poem of 30 Words with Ryan

Poem of my Interests:
Talkative and Happy,
Drives teachers insane.
Like to run and have some with a good laugh.
History intrigues me and traveling to many places is always a great pleasure.

Intrigues: I think it is better than interests me
Pleasure: A word that describes more happiness than just simply happy
Insane: A word used to describe something more than crazy as if I push teachers beyond their limits in a way

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