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French Revolution Journal Through My Eyes

My Characters name is Pierre La Crumpet and he is a land owning noble in Southern France. He is not a self made noble and actually pays his workers pretty decently for the time period. He is a very cocky man like most of the other nobles at this time in France. But he is able to survive because of his wits and his ability to adapt to any situtation.



The French Revolution was not successful, this is because so many people died for no reason. France would go full circle in their attempt to get a new form of government and ditch the monarchy. But in the end they ended up with another monarch named Napoleon Bonaparte, and it wouldn’t even die with him. After him would be more Bourbons and more Bonapartes until the real French Republic in 1870 was formed with the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian war.



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Le France in Ze Peril

The video above shows the French Revolution and its chronological order starting with the meeting of the estates general. The French Revolution was one of the bloodiest revolutions in recent history. The effects of which can still be felt today in its impact on the governments and people of Europe. It is our job as people that have lived after to study and learn from these revolutions so that they should not be forgotten but remembered as the men and women who fought for their freedom against a monarchy that wasn’t right for them.


Danton, Hero or Villain?

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The character I chose for my French Revolution, Hero or Villain? was Georges Danton. I believe that he was a hero, but he was not like the other members of the Revolutionary party and later government that was so gungho or bloodthirsty. He usurped the king instead through more unorthodox methods that didn’t actually involve him. He was important in rallying the French people against the threat of Prussia when it was on France’;s doorstep and required serious thought to the fact that they would have to move their capital from Paris. He would later go on to oppose the Reign of Terror and speak out against it and Maximillian Robespierre.  To which he was made an enemy of the revolution and was beheaded via guillotine.


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Russian Revolution Video Recording

This is my video dairy on what my character, Vadim feels about what has happened since the death of Lenin and the rise of Stalin. Vadim served in the Red Guard during the Russian Revolution of October 1917, and seriously gained from the overthrowing of the Tsar and the subsequent Civil War that plagued Russia. For his achievements during the civil war, Vadim gained much more influence within the party as well as more knowledge about what the party was doing. But when Lenin died, Vadim was in perpetual fear that Stalin would kill him like he had done to most of the other influenced members of the party.

Vadim thinks that the Russian Revolution was worth it despite the cost and the future of dispair that would come in time with the rein of Stalin. He thinks that in the end Stalin was better than the Tsar and Russia would be able to move on and live on in there pursuit of their freedom and their goals. He believes that the sacrifice everyone made for the revolution would in turn prove to be a deciding factor and decisive factor in the rise of Russia on the world stage.

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Resolution of Rage of Lions

The book that I read for my resolution multi media project was Rage of Lions written by Curtis Jobling. I believe that the theme of this book is maturity because it shows a boy that has become a man because Drew the main character was once a simple farmer but now he has too rule an entire kingdom.  “The dirt in his clenched fist erupted from his hand, flying fast into the Staglord’s face. Manfred staggered back, blinded by the cloud of dust.” (Jobling 31) this comes in fairly early in the book showing that Drew is still using some of the tricks that he picked up during his times as a boy that isn’t really so king like. “Leave my friends? Impossible. I’d die for those people. Where are they?” (Jobling 335) This shows that by the end of the book for the most part Drew has matured to a part where he is noble and instead of using dirty tricks to get what he wants, he is willing to go in nobly and just fight everyone the right way.






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My Trip to the Legation Quarter and The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer’s do not actually deserve a bad rap. In the treaties of Nanjing and Tianjin the Chinese were absolutely crushed by the foreigners. The conditions of the treaties that were imposed on the Chinese were that they had to pay 31 million pounds in compensation for the damages that had happened. British merchants could now trade at 5 new ports which were known as treaty ports. In addition after the end of these wars the British were now allowed to have free rein over the opium trade in china as they had made it legal now and they had their ambassadors set up in Beijing.

The boxers do not deserve to be labeled villains by history because they were fighting for what they believed in. These foreigners had just come in and beat up china horribly and enforced horrible treaties upon China that turned it into a formidable empire into a dog rummaging for scraps in a way. The effect of these horrible problems was that churches were appearing up all over china and where there had once been nothing besides from a village there was no churches and Chinese Christians which the boxers thought were Chinese who had strayed to far from Chinese tradition. While at the same time the drought in the province created even more resentment and to the Chinese provided something to blame the Christians for and if I was them I would do the same thing. The boxers were right to be angry, they governments of the west have thrown a massive amount of horrible and frankly humiliating terms through their victory in the opium wars. If someone had invaded your home and taken your stuff and then set up rules for you in your own house, wouldn’t you be mad? Therefore, I think that the boxers were justified in their actions and don’t actually deserve a bad rap like history usually gives them.







Rejected December 2000 Edition


The choice for my anazlying of a character in Midsummer Night’s Dream was to make a magazine for the character of my choice which was Helena. I choose Helena since I thought that she was a character that was picked on by a lot of the other characters in the story, I also choose Helena because I thought that she would be easier to analyze and figure out. Helena is a girl that loves Demetrius but that hates him so I really thought that Helena is either determined or desperate, I did this because she must be determined or desperate when she hatches her “incredible” plan to get Demetrius back on line 246-250 when she says “I will go tell him of fair Hermia’s flight: Then to the wood will he to-morrow night Pursue her; and for this intelligence If i have thanks, it is a dear expense: But herein mean I to enrich my pain, To have his sight thither and back again.” She will betray her friend to get back the one that she loves and to me that is either desperate or determined. The other reason as to why is desperate is because Demetrius hates her like when in Act 2 Scene 1 Demetrius says “I’ll run from thee and hide me in the brakes/ and leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts” which means that Helena still loves Demetrius even though he would leave her to the beasts to die.




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CHERUB Book Conflict Report

The book I chose to do my book report on is the book called Mad Dogs which is the 8th book in a series by Robert Muchamore in the CHERUB series. The conflict in my book was external conflict between two rival gangs that are fighting each other with all shorts of weapons.  An example of this is when the author said ” Gabrielle’s other hand contained a small garden fork— the kind you might use to dig in flowers— and she jammed its tree prongs into the belly of an older lad before ripping it out.” (page 36).  Another quote from this same section to show the insane brutality of this section is when Major Dee says “Good news is, I’m gonna let you live,” “But tell all your friends that we’re on your case.” “After, a laugh, Dee lowered his aim and blasted the Runt’s kneecap from point-blank range.” ( All 3 on page 35) That last quote is not something Major Dee says but is what the author describes to show what Major Dee is doing and how absolutely barbaric this external conflict is.



Ryan’s Exposition for Trash

Your trash, I’m trash, We’re all trash

The book I am reading is called Trash by Andy Mulligan and takes place in a poorer country and the main character Raphael lives inside of a dump in which everyday he has to look through the trash to see if he can find anything interesting to sell or use to buy food and drinks from the collected items. In this part of the book Raphael is just sorting through the trash looking for rare things like plastic or anything that might have been thrown in the trash. Then Raphael and his partner Gardo find this bag with a wallet inside and 1100 pesos which is the country’s currency and this bag will be the catapult of the story ahead and will define everything that Raphael will be put through.

The main character Raphael and Gardo lives inside a dumpsite, which they have to sort through every single day to find materials that are useful to people outside of the dump and they will pay for them so that people like Raphael and Gardo will be able to buy beers which is the drink that is sold and chicken and rice. There is not too much information on Raphael’s parents as they seem to have died and it is a topic of deep sadness within Raphael. Raphael lives with his aunt in the dumpsite along with his other cousins and sometimes with Gardo and his uncles.  A quote from the book to really summarize what the life Raphael lives is on the very first page on the book before the title inside of the book, “My name is Raphael Fernandez and I am a dumpsite boy. People say to me, “I guess you just never know what you’ll find, sifting through rubbish! Maybe one day you’ll find something nice.” This quote out of the gate just shows us how tough his life is and how the poor kid has to spend his entire life shifting through garbage and trash to look for something that may be worth something. On page 3 of chapter 1

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Ryan’s Found Poem

The story that I used was “The Monkey’s Paw” written by the author William W. Jacobs. Out of all the elements of fiction that I could have choose from I decided to choose the characterization or character element of fiction. The main character I focused on was Mrs. White, she is mother of the son named Herbert and the wife of Mr. White. Over the course of the story she will go form a quiet laid back mother that is part of a lovely little family and when a certain Sergeant Major Morris arrives with a mysterious object known as the monkey’s paw to a crazy lady driven mad by the death of her son. One of the most influential lines to me during the story is when Mrs. White says, “Bring him back. Do you think I’m frightened of my own son.” in line 260. This really shows that at this point that Mrs. White was lost it and she was gone crazy about bringing back her dead son. Another extremely influential line is when in line 313&314 the author says, “With a sudden violent movement the old woman broke free and ran from the room.” This shows that she is no longer Mrs. White in a since but in fact a crazy old lady that is driven mad by the sadness and the loss of her son.

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