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Poem of 30 Words with Ryan

Poem of my Interests:
Talkative and Happy,
Drives teachers insane.
Like to run and have some with a good laugh.
History intrigues me and traveling to many places is always a great pleasure.

Intrigues: I think it is better than interests me
Pleasure: A word that describes more happiness than just simply happy
Insane: A word used to describe something more than crazy as if I push teachers beyond their limits in a way

Christianity in the Roman Empire

This is my Christianity Book about the Roman Empire and I hope you learn something from this.

Humanities Goal Ryan

Goal: Improve close read comprehension skills

  • My reading comprehension is pretty bad and i would like to improve upon that.
  • I can do that by reading and taking more notes and trying to understand what the book is about.

Greek Perspectives ThingLink Ryan

Humanities Student As A Learner Goal Ryan

I only work with a small number of people that I am friends with, I want to be able to work with a variety of multiple people so that I am comfortable working with any group and any table to I am pared with or seated at. I will do this by presenting a better attitude whenever I am with people that I am not normally being with.


Hero’s Journey Narrative Post Ryan

My hero’s journey is about a man named Conner and he is the son of a king. When a evil magician attacks the kingdom and kills his father Conner must go to retrieve the pendant of the kingdom.

The Pendant

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