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Are you a Humanist Post

Ryan’s Fall Trip Summary

I really liked this fall trip because I was able to hang out with my friends a lot more this time because we had a lot more free time in this trip than in the past.

Can Disease Change The World

The Importance of literacy by ryan christan hinton

Can Disease Change The World? Looking at the Black Death and the Spanish Influenza

Temple Field Trip 2019

Buddhist Temple:

I learned that the lama temple was built in 1754 and this part of the temple was home to the emperor when he was born as a baby, he then gave it to the Lama Temple and it became a part of the temple. The lama temple was full of artifacts that consisted of wheels, bracelets, and an extremely large silk scarf on the Big Boy Buddha. Also behind this B.B.B, there was little desks and spaces that monks could go and study about Buddhism and Buddha stuff. The incense of the lama temple was also a measurement of the length of your life, I believe if you broke 1/4 of the stick you would live to 80, if you broke 2/4 of the stick you would live to 60, if you broke 3/4 of the stick you would live to 40, and if you broke the entire thing you would live to 20.

I believe that this trip was fun and a good learning experience for all students that are used to the everyday classroom learning style. As we went through the temples we got to look at artifacts that were around at that time, we learned about the importance of the Legalism, Confucianism, and Daoism philosophies.

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