The book I chose to do my book report on is the book called Mad Dogs which is the 8th book in a series by Robert Muchamore in the CHERUB series. The conflict in my book was external conflict between two rival gangs that are fighting each other with all shorts of weapons.  An example of this is when the author said ” Gabrielle’s other hand contained a small garden fork— the kind you might use to dig in flowers— and she jammed its tree prongs into the belly of an older lad before ripping it out.” (page 36).  Another quote from this same section to show the insane brutality of this section is when Major Dee says “Good news is, I’m gonna let you live,” “But tell all your friends that we’re on your case.” “After, a laugh, Dee lowered his aim and blasted the Runt’s kneecap from point-blank range.” ( All 3 on page 35) That last quote is not something Major Dee says but is what the author describes to show what Major Dee is doing and how absolutely barbaric this external conflict is.