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French Revolution Journal Through My Eyes

My Characters name is Pierre La Crumpet and he is a land owning noble in Southern France. He is not a self made noble and actually pays his workers pretty decently for the time period. He is a very cocky man like most of the other nobles at this time in France. But he is able to survive because of his wits and his ability to adapt to any situtation.



The French Revolution was not successful, this is because so many people died for no reason. France would go full circle in their attempt to get a new form of government and ditch the monarchy. But in the end they ended up with another monarch named Napoleon Bonaparte, and it wouldn’t even die with him. After him would be more Bourbons and more Bonapartes until the real French Republic in 1870 was formed with the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian war.



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Le France in Ze Peril

The video above shows the French Revolution and its chronological order starting with the meeting of the estates general. The French Revolution was one of the bloodiest revolutions in recent history. The effects of which can still be felt today in its impact on the governments and people of Europe. It is our job as people that have lived after to study and learn from these revolutions so that they should not be forgotten but remembered as the men and women who fought for their freedom against a monarchy that wasn’t right for them.


Danton, Hero or Villain?

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The character I chose for my French Revolution, Hero or Villain? was Georges Danton. I believe that he was a hero, but he was not like the other members of the Revolutionary party and later government that was so gungho or bloodthirsty. He usurped the king instead through more unorthodox methods that didn’t actually involve him. He was important in rallying the French people against the threat of Prussia when it was on France’;s doorstep and required serious thought to the fact that they would have to move their capital from Paris. He would later go on to oppose the Reign of Terror and speak out against it and Maximillian Robespierre.  To which he was made an enemy of the revolution and was beheaded via guillotine.


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