Alexander’s Worst Battle

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My first reaction to the news of Stalin and Hitler signing the Nazi-Soviet Pact, I had so many thoughts in my head. I had a wired feeling about this and then it hit me, has the leader joined forces with our enemy? I refused to believe that he meant to guide us to a powerful future.

       Now, who could and would lead Russia next I kept on asking myself. After all the thought running through my head, Stalin, evolutionary and Soviet politician who led the Soviet Union, decided he was fit to be the new tsar. A couple of years later, the Party Central Committee decided to shrink the number of soldiers in the red army. I was one of the people who sent how and watching others get set home as well was a nightmare. In 1928, Stalin’s ideas of a kolkhoz were a shock in the peasant world. These collective farms consisted of multiple families to run 450 hectares of farmland together which seem impossible. All of us were told that these farms were more efficient than the previous farms to mend the grain shortage and such. By 1930 Stalin had known of another famine to come and clearly didn’t think about the plans to move forward. The peasants had begun killing animals and destroyed crops to fight back against collectivization. And then yet again another food shortage, Stalin has shown the first Five Year Plan, a plan to somehow industrialize Russia. 

        By the end of 1930, labor camps called Gulags covered every part of the USSR. There were camps in remote areas of the country, as well as in towns and in public. Camps were in horrible condition. We were all forced to work under horrific conditions because of Stalin’s own mistakes. In addition, I heard all the rumors about the Kolyma camps. Thousands of prisoners, or zeks, as we called ourselves, died due to the atrocious conditions of the camps. Other prisoners beside me muttered under their ignorant lips, “It’s the stories about the Kolyma camps that make me grateful for where I am.” I could only sigh, look away, and continue to work.

        Sergei Kirov was murdered on December 1, Stalin issued orders which said that anyone accused of “terrorism” must be investigated and executed after conviction without right or defense. Letters were sent all over the USSR to check the reliability of the people, and if they were supporters of Trotsky. This meant that I was in danger. I could not bring myself to support the failure of a leader like Stalin. Trotsky has always been reasonable, and I’ve always agreed with him. Anyone who criticized Stalin or failed to denounce suspicious people was arrested and executed. This became the Great Purge which wrung chaos on us like a bloody, soaked towel.

        Stalin formed an alliance with Hitler and signed a Nazi-Soviet Pact because Britain and France did not join the USSR as mutual assistance. Stalin’s actions until this point areas if we took a step back in history. Everything I have experienced—Witnessing my father’s death, joining the Red Army to fight against Tsar Nicholas II, and suffering in the gulags – It seems that none of that matters now. The reign of Stalin will surely not advance Russia.

Science Reflection

In the beginning of this unit I used to think that lunar and solar eclipses were almost the same and didn’t really do anything except for rotating around the earth. After we learned some more about how they work and the positioning for them now I think that they really do more than just spin and they really are different not just in shading but, also in timing and why it does not occur every month.

Field Trip Blog Post

The boxers deserve a bad rep because they not only didn’t talk about their issues with the foreigner but,they decided to kill them.During the field trip our tour guy talked about how the emperor started not to like the missionaries and foreigners because she felt threatened by their impact of the culture. This was a bad decision on the chinese part for ruining their relationship. The reasoning a say they deserve a bad rep was because they didn’t communicate and decide to eliminate the whole problem by violence.

I Didn’t Know Until Know

They said it would be an adventure.

They said 4 years will go by fast.

They said we will facetime every birthday.

I canceled all of their words out and focused

on getting out of what felt like a trap.


As I tried to get out of the arms of my father

and run as fast as my feet can take me.

As I struggled, I knew that I had to go.

I dragged my feet to the airport check in.

As I get on the plane, I feel the tears burring

of angry and sadness running down my face.

My mom holding me as we take off.


A few hours later I see me sleeping in what looks

to be a bed that is not mine. Before I could panic,

I saw a small thin shadow coming towards me

bed she says something, but I couldn’t hear.

Before she came into the light, I woke up with

sweat running down my face and gasping

for breath as I sit in my airplane seat.


I am sitting next to my mom who is looking

at me like something is wrong.

I wait for her to say it is ok and I am safe but,

she says nothing and just holds my hand for

the rest of the plane ride.


For the rest of the time I watch a movie to try

and calm all of my nerves down from my dream.

I try my best to stay awake, but it’s almost impossible.

I felt like I was still in the bed like the bed

was a trap and there was no way to get out.


The plane comes to a stop and I seem to be

fine and ready to face my fears of China.

After my mom gets all of our things, we walk out of

the airport and to our Didi but, as we walk with or stuff.

I see the figure again.


I freeze in my steps and slap myself to see if I am still sleeping.

I realize am not and the character is walking faster towards me.

I close my eyes and just let things happen, but I don’t feel anything.

As a steadily open my eyes scared to see what is in front of me the figure is gone but, the smell of pollution is in the air.

“Are you ok”? my mom asks as she brings me to the car.


My heart racing as I get in the car.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to go home and

never have this dream ever again. When we get

to our new home everything looks like my dream.

I ignored the fact and just went to see my room

but stopped and looked at the bed.


That… was …my… bed.


I quickly ran out of my house and ran down

the street into the dark alley.

I see the thin shadow and this time I just decide

to man up and protect myself only the find

out it was a small kid coming towards

me begging for protection.


All this time I thought I was in danger

and running away from a victim of abuse.

She had deep cuts and bruises and a red face.

I walked towards her.

I find I bat behind her…bang.

A tall lady with a cigarette in her mouth comes

and drags her back towards the alley deeper and deeper.

I follow not knowing what is going to happen.




She is getting beaten to death and I just stand and watch in horror.

I freeze. I didn’t know until know.








Helena’s Magazine Cover


This magazine cover shows a Shakespeare play called, “A midnight summers dream”. For this magazine page I chose Helena because I think that she is one of the more interesting characters in the play. The image for this photo is a woman who is pretty but, looks like she has some secret to spill like Helena does. I think that my magazine cover is very eye catching and I am proud of that part.

What’s Your Opinion?

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In this movie poster, it shows the concept of man to man conflict in the poem For Jessie Pope by Wilfred Owen. I chose to do a movie poster because it can show visually how the writer is having past memories of his past and how he has changed and I can understand things better when they are written out. This movie poster shows how he always had I real bad experience with war v.s how Jessie Pope did not(because girls couldn’t fight in wars at that time) have that kind of experience but, she still wrote that it was good for men to fight. The typewriter in the poster both represent the poem, but it also shows how old their time was with the typewriter. I also know that many people back then didn’t have many jobs other than fighting so most had to type letter or bills for jobs.


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Kindness Pays off in the End




As June states,” …(She) had turned the other cheek and it was slapped.” (Mazer 7)

June is a girl who struggled with being bullied and standing up for herself. Her ups and downs throughout the story, “Tuesday of the Other June,” show her trying to do what her mom told her to do, “be good, be good, be good”. (Mazer 1) In the short story by Norma Fox Mazer, “Tuesday of the Other June”, the protagonist, June, learns that life is hard sometimes, but you should always be kind, even to yourself. Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries for how others treat you, are ways you should be kind to yourself.

In the story, June takes her mother’s advice to be good but, things get a little complicated as she encounters a mean girl. The advice of June’s Mother to “Be good…Be good my Junie” and “…If you smile at the world, then surely the world will smile back” was not really understood by June. June followed her mother’s advice, but did not understand that to be good, also meant to be good to yourself. As her mother states to be good, June responds with obedience. This story can be very relatable to many girls or boys in the world. During the rising action in the story, she begins to doubt her mother’s words, as June states, “…(She) had turned her cheek and it had been slapped”. (Mazer 7) This statement shows the readers that she is not loving the position she is in and needs to make a change.

Trying to Find Yourself

As Amy’s mom’s states “Your only shame is to have shame.” (Tan 2)

Amy is a teenager who struggled accepting herself and her Chinese culture, all because of a nice-looking white boy, who was the minister’s son. Her thoughts and feelings in the story, “Fish Cheeks,” show how uncomfortable and embarrassed she was of her appearance and her family’s traditions.


Amy is insecure with her appearance. Right before her guests came over, “[She] prayed for this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose” (Tan 1). Since Amy stated that she wanted a “slim new American nose,” it is apparent that she is not happy with her nose because she feels like she is different and not the same. As we read more of the story, we also see Amy’s embarrassment of her Chinese culture. Amy’s family invites their neighbors, the minister’s family, to their Christmas Eve dinner. While sitting at the dinner table she was feeling more and more uncomfortable. Soon this happened “Dinner threw [her] into despair” (Tan 1). From the time her relatives “licked the ends of their chopsticks” (Tan 1) to when her father “belched loudly, thanking [her] mother for her fine cooking,” (Tan 2) she was miserable. The breaking point was when her father offered her “the tender fish cheek… [she] wanted to disappear” (Tan 1).  According to the examples in the text, we can see how embarrassed Amy felt of her Chinese culture. Each example shows how much her family is different to the rest and she just wants to fit in.



Accepting your appearance and cultural background can be hard at times but, knowing who you are and that you are loved by your family and friends helps. It took Amy “many years” (Tan 2) to understand the value of her culture and appearance. I think it has taken me a little bit to fully understand me and be who I am meant to be. I am like Amy in this way. When I was in fifth grade, I hated the way I looked and where I was from. On the last week of school, I thought I girl in my class was so pretty and smart so, when I walked into class I grabbed a brown maker and drew freckles on my face just like her and rose my hand every time she did for a question. I even talked like her in a little Spanish ascent. When I walked back on the bus I sat and wiped everything off so my mom would not know. She did find out in the end and was grounded from markers for a week. As the years went on though I loved my culture. I still do now even though I live in China.


Past Reading

1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Jeff Kinney

2.Hunger Games-  Suzanne Collins

3. The Thing about a Jellyfish- Ali Benjamin

4.The Dog who Thought He was Santa- Bill Wallace

5. The Chronicles of Narnia – C. S. Lewis

6.Little House on the Prairie- Laura Ingalls Wilder

7.The Hundred Dresses – Eleanor Estes