My artwork is called ‘Snack Time’. It is made of clay. One unique detail about it is that I added some decorations on the lid. I wasn’t really inspired by anything, but I just got the idea from a photo of a dog bone thing. The purpose of this jar is to keep the dog’s snacks, and I thought of bony snack, so I added a sculpture that looks like a bone. I made this jar because I want to give a gift to someone I really love, so I made this artwork. I decided to make this because my aunt raises 3 dogs, and I thought it would be nice if I can give her something practical and what she can actually use it. So, I decided to make this jar. My final artwork is pretty close to what I thought, and I met my goals. So, I am very proud of my artwork. It turned out really well, and I really like the color too. I wanted it to look like grass, and the color turned out really well. So, I really like my artwork.