I read a book named 1984 by George Orwell,  this book is a novel about a dystopian future. This book was written in 1949. The author had imagined a dystopian future where everything is controlled by a party. He wrote this book to raise people’s awareness of communism and dictatorship, which is similar to Animal Farm.

The protagonist of this book, Winston Smith, lives in London where everything is controlled by the party. I thought it is quite similar to how North Korea’s leader, Kim Jeongeun, is controlling over people’s beliefs and acts. In North Korea, Kim is limiting people’s acts and beliefs just like the party in the novel 1984.  So, I thought this the dystopian future described in this book is similar to today’s North Korea.

I predict that the protagonist of 1984 will try to find a way to escape from the party’s control just like the protagonist of the novel, Giver. I read about 1/3 of this book, and now the protagonist had met an old man that knows about life before the revolution, this is similar to Giver where the Jonas learns about the memories from the Giver, who is an old man. So, I think Winston will learn from the old man to escape from the party’s control and convince other people to help him.

This novel made me realize how dangerous the brainwashing and big brother system is. In order to prevent this, we should all vote.