I am still reading a book name 1984 by George Orwell. I wasn’t able to finish the book, and I am planning to finish it in this weekend. I was thinking to abondon the novel because I didn’t really like how it vividly shows the “dark side” of a society and dystopian world. As I was reading, I was frustrated by the party and how society works. I think a book is to amuse you, and we read to be happy, but as I read, I was frustrated and stuffy. Still, I decided to continue on this novel because as story proceeds, Winston met a girl, and their love story was very fun.

In my last reflection, I predicted that Winston would work with the old man and try to escape from the party’s control, but Winston didn’t work with the old man. Instead of working with the old man, he met a girl and they developed to romantic relationship. As they develop to romantic relationship, Winston was able to share what he thinks and listen what other people thinks. The girl feels the same way with Winston and they discuss about the party and society. This gives more contexts about the society and party to the reader. Also, it changed the atmosphere of the novel bit more positive, which is a main reason for me to continue to read this novel. I predict they will find more people who agree with them and try to harm the party or escape from it, because it seems like the girl knows lot more things than Winston and she is also willing to escape from the society.

I think the theme author wanted us to learn from this novel is to be engaged in society and make our voices.