I have been reading “1984” since the beginning of the year, and I’ve finally finished. I did not really like the novel because shows the corruption and sadness of citizens. Also, this novel is based on an imagined world – a dystopian future – which is not my favorite. I prefer reading a realistic fiction novel or fiction rather than fantasy or sci-fi, but this novel had elements of both fantasy and sci-fi. So, I did not find it very interesting. However, I am still impressed by the imagery and diction used in the novel. I would recommend the novel to a person who enjoys reading fantasy or sci-fi.

Now I am reading a novel named “Crazy Rich Asians.” I have read the first six chapters and I really enjoy reading the new novel. It has vivid descriptions of the setting and characters using various diction and metaphors. I liked the hook of the novel because the author had described the wet carpet and humidity of raining day in New York, and that really pulled me into the novel. Also, author connects the Asian culture to the characters’ behaviors. This made the novel very interesting for me because as an Asian I was able to agree to the characters’ behaviours and thoughts.