The Fault in Our Stars

Main Characters: Hazel, Issac, Patrick,

Chapter 1: The main character,Hazel, felt depressed, rarely left the house, spent a lot of times in her bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently. Her mother took her to the hospital and the Doctor Jim said that she got a cancer. Doctor Jim suggested Hazel to go into the meeting that all of the people in the meeting had a cancer. This meeting was just to communicate with the person who already had a cancer. She explains about the leader of this meeting Patrick. He got a cancer on his balls, and he always talks about the heart of Jesus all the meeting. Since Patrick finished his introduction to the members of the cancer meeting, other people started to introduce themselves. She faces lots of people who have cancer such as, eye cancer. (Besides, Hazel did not really wanted to go to the cancer meeting.) After a few weeks, Hazel meets a boy, who is long and leanly muscular. The boy was staring that her.

English 9 In class Diagnostic Essay

  • What did you find hard about understanding and analyzing the speech?

I found hard to choose which thing to write first.

  • What did you do well and what did you struggle with, in terms of writing the essay?

I did well on making the thesis statement, and reasoning with appropriate evidences.

  • What do you wish you had done differently OR what would you do differently for the next timed, in-class essay?

I wish to read the text more carefully and write the essay more clearly with more details.

  • What topics or skills would you like more instruction on and practice with, for this type of task? (For example: how to identify and remember the names of techniques, how to annotate, how to outline, how to manage your time, how to proofread…)

Writing the thesis statement,

English 9- Socratic Seminar Reflection

Socratic Seminar Reflection

I did the Socratic Seminar in my English 9 class. Through this Socratic Seminar, I got countless ideas from other students. However, I had a few things to improve during the Seminar. First, I did well in organizing some main points. I managed some main points to talk about the question well. Also, I participated in lots of discussions in the Seminar; however, my voices weren’t big enough to hear from other students, and again, I did not eye contact with the right side of myself. On the other hand, by speaking many times, I think I didn’t give other people to talk more. Therefore, I do not think that I did well in this Socratic Seminar.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This book is a mysterious novel, about the dead of Wellington by Mark Haddon. The main protagonist Christopher is an autistic person, who has disabilities in the book. He has an exact things that he dislike and like. If he sees something he dislikes, he acts strangely, such as screaming. At the beginning of the novel, Christopher finds dead dog, which name is Wellington, and the story begins about who killed “Wellington.”

I would like to suggest this book to the other grade 9 students because the novel is very easy to read, and it is enjoyable. I have enjoyed this book a lot, that I want to try other books written by this author named Mark Haddon.

Asia and the World 1 Presentation

This is my presentation in Asia and the World Presentation. My compelling question is “How did COVID-19 affect the movement of the Chinese people in National Holidays?”.

Asia and the World 1

English 9 Reading Cycle 1

Title: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Author- Sharman Alexie

Page #34

Comment: Although I didn’t finish this book, I can tell that this book is fascinating. This book is about an Indian boy who is different than others. The main character has some disability, but this book shows that the deformity person can do everything like an ordinary person. Therefore, I recommend this book to the other students in grade 9.

Page #54

Comment: When I read this book, I thought that this book is about some racism. This book talks about the difference between Indian and White people. Also, this book talks about some disability person such as the protagonist of this book.

Page #113

Comment: When Junior thinks that he is classified as a white people, I felt kind of bad about Junior. I thought the reason why Junior changed the school is because to reach out the dream; however, when Junior feels that he is classified as white people, my positive mind of Junior have changed a lot.

Robotics Robot Petting Zoo

I made a dog.

And I coded.


My Sketch


What happened in 1789?

I wrote a journal above about the French revolution. I tried to show the difference of the poverty and wealthiness. The main character of this book is called “Adi” who is the famous lock smith of the France. Adi is the first person who lead the revolution.

Reign of Terror

French Revolution – A brief summary

The picture on the top is showing the reign of terror by Robespierre. In 1793, after Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have executed, the Jacobins started to gets the power. And the leader of the Jacobins who was Robespierre started to rule France. People were happy because they got a new ruler but the happiness didn’t go long. Since Robespierre started to gets the power, he started to use the guillotine very much. Lots of people were killed in the guillotine in that time, and he even made a rule about when a person is guilty, he goes to the guillotine, however, if he’s not, then he is innocent. Citizens became mad with this politics and finally, Robespierre was executed on the guillotine by the citizens.

The video below is my French Revolution- Brief Summary. I introduced the most important revolution called the “French Revolution” in France in 1789. I summarized this revolution. And I explained why is this revolution so important.

Historical Hero or Villain?

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