Reign of Terror

French Revolution – A brief summary

The picture on the top is showing the reign of terror by Robespierre. In 1793, after Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have executed, the Jacobins started to gets the power. And the leader of the Jacobins who was Robespierre started to rule France. People were happy because they got a new ruler but the happiness didn’t go long. Since Robespierre started to gets the power, he started to use the guillotine very much. Lots of people were killed in the guillotine in that time, and he even made a rule about when a person is guilty, he goes to the guillotine, however, if he’s not, then he is innocent. Citizens became mad with this politics and finally, Robespierre was executed on the guillotine by the citizens.

The video below is my French Revolution- Brief Summary. I introduced the most important revolution called the “French Revolution” in France in 1789. I summarized this revolution. And I explained why is this revolution so important.


  1. While our revolutions might be different when it comes to the effects of the revolution(The french revolution changed basically everything while the American Revolution made the colonies an independent country), they are very similar when a vast number of casualties were caused.

  2. You added lots of interesting informations to your video, and I like that. Things that were same with Cuban Revolution was that before the revolution, people’s life was really in bad quality, and gap between rich and poor was huge, One thing different was France had a king who had all of power, and Cuba had a dictator who got power by using military.

  3. While our revolutions are similar when it comes to the main focus of liberty and freedom of each nation, they are different as of the fact that the american revolution occured between a colony and the proprieter while the French revolution happened within the same country.

  4. Your explanation is thorough and contains a lot of images to help people understand. I learned that the French Revolution was a very harsh war with a lot of death that aspired for liberty and equality among the peasants. The Cuban Revolution is also about creating a society where the peasants and poor are recognized and equal. They are different however, because the French Revolution had a massive amount of casualties and deaths, while the Cuban Revolution happened somewhat casualty-free.

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