Title: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Author- Sharman Alexie

Page #34

Comment: Although I didn’t finish this book, I can tell that this book is fascinating. This book is about an Indian boy who is different than others. The main character has some disability, but this book shows that the deformity person can do everything like an ordinary person. Therefore, I recommend this book to the other students in grade 9.

Page #54

Comment: When I read this book, I thought that this book is about some racism. This book talks about the difference between Indian and White people. Also, this book talks about some disability person such as the protagonist of this book.

Page #113

Comment: When Junior thinks that he is classified as a white people, I felt kind of bad about Junior. I thought the reason why Junior changed the school is because to reach out the dream; however, when Junior feels that he is classified as white people, my positive mind of Junior have changed a lot.