Main Characters: Hazel, Issac, Patrick,

Chapter 1: The main character,Hazel, felt depressed, rarely left the house, spent a lot of times in her bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently. Her mother took her to the hospital and the Doctor Jim said that she got a cancer. Doctor Jim suggested Hazel to go into the meeting that all of the people in the meeting had a cancer. This meeting was just to communicate with the person who already had a cancer. She explains about the leader of this meeting Patrick. He got a cancer on his balls, and he always talks about the heart of Jesus all the meeting. Since Patrick finished his introduction to the members of the cancer meeting, other people started to introduce themselves. She faces lots of people who have cancer such as, eye cancer. (Besides, Hazel did not really wanted to go to the cancer meeting.) After a few weeks, Hazel meets a boy, who is long and leanly muscular. The boy was staring that her.