Reflection on Project Trade up

Some interesting things I learned about are command economy, mixed economy, and market economy, which helped me understand the types of economic systems. For example, China has a mixed economy system. One thing I found really surprising market economy has its downside, which made me think the mixed economy system might be a better system. For example, China has a mixed economy system. Its economic growth and development of infrastructures such as subway, railway, roads, and parks are building so much faster than other countries.

Before this project I used to think the market economy is the best system, now I think it has its disadvantages. For example, it takes a much longer time for the market economy to build a road because it takes longer to gather the fund.

Looking back on this Projector Economy, I realize that the most important thing is understanding how the economy works. However, a big question I still have is how could we change the economic system in third world countries so they can have a better life.

My Goal

My Goal

  • Specific: improve my English grammar
  • Measurable: improved MAP test scores in May 2020. Attain ‘high average’
  • Attainable: this will take 6 months
  • Realistic: I will study thirty minutes each day. I will study a grammar workbook, and read more challenging literature
  • Timely: thirty minutes a day for 6 months equals approximately 90 hours. That should be enough.

WW2 Artillery Project

Define and Inquire

Raketenwerfer 43 Püppchen



I was inspired by a movie about WW2 when I was watching TV, and I saw artillery which look like this.

I hope I’m able to make the 3D model by wood.

However, I think it might be difficult to get all the pieces together, because we need to find a way to attach the pieces together.

Develop and Plan

While making my sketches, prototypes I realized it’s really hard to make the back of the Raketenwerfer. I got my ideas by doing the sketches.

Below is a sketch/model of my design

Here is the link to the week planer:




Blog Post 6: Collaborator

I think I am a good member of R.I.C.H. The group is getting things done on time. For example, we managed to finish all the holders on time and be prepared for the sale days. Also, I can make sure things are done on time and make sure everyone is doing there job and focused. I can take good care of my time and finish things early. For example, I got 200 of change to make sure people can buy or stuff. As a collaborator, I can get better by making sure everything is organized. For example, I can make sure the money are well separate.

Blog Post 2: Market Research

Caption: The copy of our survey


3 things I learned is:

  • Many people don’t want to pay much for an ID card case.
  • We need the start up money to use the equipment.
  • We need to survey people to know what they need or want.

2 worders I have is:

  • I wonder how to lower the cost down?
  • I wonder how can they make money if we sell it very cheap?

1 thing I want to change:

I don’t think we have to change anything.

River Field Study-Data Collection 6

Date: April. 8,2019. We went to the Wenyu River for field study. Sunny. There are flowers on the ground and the threes turned green. In Quadrant 1, there are no insects. For quadrant 2, there are some spiders, bugs, and ants.

Caption: This is the data table for our 2 quadrants. In April, some of the insects disappeared.

Caption: This is the graphical display.