Egg Drop Blog Post

On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was Use to balloons and strings on the top and put the egg in a balloon then put the newspaper on the balloon.

Then, working in a group, we decided to make a parachute and use the lines to connect with a new paper. Inside the newspaper, we have the egg.

As the egg was dropping, I am worried about can the parachute can hold the egg.

Our design was unsuccessful because the parachute is unattached with the egg and the egg fill down by itself. Next time, I would make the parachute bigger and the connection (egg and parachute) better.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I notice that there are lots of product that can be delivered by drones. I am interested in delivering food.

Through this project, I hope I can learn more about a drone delivering product and how can the problems be solved.

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