Project Collision: Final Blog Post / Driving Question Reflection

Final design picture:

Project Reflection:

Looking back on Collision, I learned how to write a good pitch and also how we can we use a drone to deliver. For example, we researched how to slow the force down when the box is dropping. Before this project I used to think to deliver food with a drone is very easy, but now I think you need to do many preparations to deliver food. For example, when we are designing the food delivering box, we have to think about the soft landing, temperature control, and the accuracy when the box is dropping. Looking back on Collision, I realize that it is very important to design a reliable system. Because you can fix your mistake when you are making them. For example, when I was making the design 0, we realized that we need a parachute to get a soft landing, so for drop 1, we improved.

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