Art Project

Title: Walking to Building

By: Shawn Wong

My final artwork creation looks like the city landmark in Hong Kong- the Bank of China. It represents the modern world, a city that I would call it my second home. I have chosen Walking to Building as my title because I used my August activity data/graph to create the building.


I carved an outline of the bars of my walking bar graph. I created a building which looks like the famous landmark bank of China of Hongkong. I used green as the background color, then I sprayed some black color lightly over the picture.


I like Hongkong and this Banks of China Hongkong is the landmark of Hong Kong. My Family was planning to go to Hongkong for the national holiday and I was excited about the trip.


I want to show my excitement for the August trip in Hong Kong and I think I have achieved this goal through my artwork by using my activity app data/bar graph to create this Hong Kong city building landscape.


I learned how to carve woods and use spray paints for the first time. In addition, I could use data/graphs to create interest artworks. I think my final piece is what I wanted to show. In the future, I would like to use different kinds of methods to create artwork.