Reflection on Project Trade up

Some interesting things I learned about are command economy, mixed economy, and market economy, which helped me understand the types of economic systems. For example, China has a mixed economy system. One thing I found really surprising market economy has its downside, which made me think the mixed economy system might be a better system. For example, China has a mixed economy system. Its economic growth and development of infrastructures such as subway, railway, roads, and parks are building so much faster than other countries.

Before this project I used to think the market economy is the best system, now I think it has its disadvantages. For example, it takes a much longer time for the market economy to build a road because it takes longer to gather the fund.

Looking back on this Projector Economy, I realize that the most important thing is understanding how the economy works. However, a big question I still have is how could we change the economic system in third world countries so they can have a better life.

My Goal

My Goal

  • Specific: improve my English grammar
  • Measurable: improved MAP test scores in May 2020. Attain ‘high average’
  • Attainable: this will take 6 months
  • Realistic: I will study thirty minutes each day. I will study a grammar workbook, and read more challenging literature
  • Timely: thirty minutes a day for 6 months equals approximately 90 hours. That should be enough.