River Field Study – Data Collection 4

Date: Jan. 25,2019. We went to the Wenyu River for field study.



Photo Caption: This picture is the quadrant #1.



In January, there are no insects on the ground. I notice that the amount of insects gets smaller when the temperature gets colder. Next time we collect data, I wonder will there still be no insects.

Growing & Shrinking Eggs

  • My design is repeatable by another person because I show my work clearly.
  •  I realized that the data table (part of the investigative design) might have been an issuein my data collection because it’s too small and it’s not clear.
  • An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is to add more information to my data table. Also, I would like to complete the investigation by identifying all ten consent.
    investigative design
    final models


My house in 2050 ( 3D Printing)

Shawn’s Floor Plan
Manjishtha’s Floor Plan


Rebecca’s Floor Plan


This is our table.

This is our Print out top view of the group’s design in scale.

Teamwork: I think we did a good job collaborating. We can decide and create the floorplan for our characters. First, our group ended up with 2 finished designs and both were perfect. We overcame this challenge and decided on one. I really had a great time working with my teammates.



River Field Study – Data Collection 3

Date: November20, 2018. We went to the Wenyu River for field study.

This is the photo of the first quadrant.

The newest data table including today.

I notice that the data of the number of species are getting smaller and smaller. Today, there are no more insects. In January, we will return to the site again and I wonder if the insects are starting to come back.