Make It: Final Presentation

Look back on this project I learned how to use illustrator and also how to use the laser cutter. 

Knowing what I know now, I would do the way that we put it on the window differently because it is hard to change the signs.

The mistake I learned from the most was more careful when gluing the letters because when the glue came out, it’s hard to clean it.

One skill I think I can use in the future is using illustrator and laser cutter to make things.

One thing I am proud of doing is making the signs for FA because it can really help students to know who will use this classroom next.

Make it: Create and Improve

After our prototype, we shared it with Ms. Rivera and other students.

One challenge we found out is how to stick it to the glass. We tried using magnets, suction cup, but they are not working because it can’t hold the weight of the signs. At last, we tried using velcro and finally, it can hold the weight.

This is a picture of me placing the letters.

We used a kind of super glue to glue the letters.

Make It: Develop and Plan

This is our first draft for all the signs.

However, we need to use the laser cutter. I need to learn how to use the Illustrator. It’s important to use Illustrator because we can tell the laser cutter to cut the letters and cut out the background. One thing I learned about using Illustrator is we need to make some of the lines red.

Here’s an example of one of our signs

Here is what our prototype looks like



Make It: Define and Inquire

My idea is making a sign like “Do not enter” or “Enter” so people won’t be confused when there is a class in there. The second idea is making a reset map, so when we have to reset, we won’t be confused what does something goes to.

My users are the student and the teachers. The map can help students reset the space easier. The signs can help student and teacher know who are using the room.

The need I noticed is when I am going to a classroom I saw student don’t know where to go.

For example, people are confused when there are no one in the classroom and they don’t know who will go into the classroom.

My inspiration come from my coding class. They will put a sign out side the door so people know that are having class.