WW2 Artillery Project

Define and Inquire

Raketenwerfer 43 Püppchen



I was inspired by a movie about WW2 when I was watching TV, and I saw artillery which look like this.

I hope I’m able to make the 3D model by wood.

However, I think it might be difficult to get all the pieces together, because we need to find a way to attach the pieces together.

Develop and Plan

While making my sketches, prototypes I realized it’s really hard to make the back of the Raketenwerfer. I got my ideas by doing the sketches.

Below is a sketch/model of my design

Here is the link to the week planer: https://isbdragonsmy.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/sola_chan_student_isb_bj_edu_cn/EdndoAQ2JtOiOx2C_XqhCAB68v9Q96GyxyHXnMWBq0Uiw?rtime=K_0qVjzq1kg