Blog Post 6: Collaborator

I think I am a good member of R.I.C.H. The group is getting things done on time. For example, we managed to finish all the holders on time and be prepared for the sale days. Also, I can make sure things are done on time and make sure everyone is doing there job and focused. I can take good care of my time and finish things early. For example, I got 200 of change to make sure people can buy or stuff. As a collaborator, I can get better by making sure everything is organized. For example, I can make sure the money are well separate.

Blog Post 2: Market Research

Caption: The copy of our survey


3 things I learned is:

  • Many people don’t want to pay much for an ID card case.
  • We need the start up money to use the equipment.
  • We need to survey people to know what they need or want.

2 worders I have is:

  • I wonder how to lower the cost down?
  • I wonder how can they make money if we sell it very cheap?

1 thing I want to change:

I don’t think we have to change anything.