Post-feedback design brief

Design problem:

It is often hard to find shelves that can fit in different rooms of different dimensions, and even harder to find one that has individual compartments for the objects you are willing to store.


The primary audience of this design will be people with a need for simple organization solutions and therefore have turned to shelves. In order to increase the specificity of the design, it will be designed for an average bedroom, with the intended placement being in a corner.


The purpose of this product is to create a solution for organizing objects that is easy to assemble, and individually customizable to suit the consumer’s needs.


Should the final design ever be manufactured it will be constructed of wood.


The end product should be visually appealing, freestanding, and customizable with different components separate from the main shelf.


For the wooden final product, access to a basic woodworking setup will be required.  Alternatively, access to a laser cutter can replace the need for a woodworking setup. The prototype will likely be constructed of cardboard, which will need to be fastened using various materials such as hot glue, super glue, tape. Cutting implements like cardboard cutters and scissors will also be needed.


There will likely be a need for mentors with experience in engineering to help construct the mechanisms that will be used to attach separate storage compartments to each other.