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Endurance, a spaceship in Interstellar



Description of the primitive shapes or sketches.

Paper sketch
Fusion 360 sketch 1



Fusion 360 sketch 2

I wanted to make a special spaceship for this project. The typical spaceships that we always observe are pipe shapes and the corn at the top. Since I don’t like following the norms, I decided to make an unusual rocket. Inspired by the movie Interstellar, my favorite movie, I first sketched key details of the Endurance, such as the 12 circular pods. For the main spaceship, I briefly designed with some details like a hexagon shape.

Different Tools that I used

There are mainly 3 tools that I used.

First, the circular pattern enables me to easily design circular pods. By using a circular pattern, I only needed to create one pod with the axis and repeat those in a circular pattern. Thus I didn’t need to put teddies efforts on sketching each of 12 pods.


Second, I could easily create a detailed endurance with a ‘combine’ tool in the modify section. There are 3 separate parts of a spaceship: under spaceship, upper spaceship, and the round edge of the spaceship. After I finished making all 3 parts, I only needed to press combine tool to merge those.


Lastly, the ‘symmetry’ tool was vital. If I did not use the symmetry tool, I not only would need to work twice more but also my design would not be symmetric.

What was challenging about the construction

In fact, I made two spaceships for this project because my first design could not be made due to some problems. Since I liked the first design and put enormous efforts, I did not want to give up and restart with a new model. I spent more time on fixing those problems. Unfortunately, the spaceship looked not as cool as before as I revised some problems. Therefore, I finally decided to create a new design. However, I do not regret my give-up decision because my second design is well finished and it looks cooler for me.


Final Model

I created a BB-8 instead of a circle. I thought BB-8 is more related to a spaceship than just a circle.





My Endurance
















Successful Final Product

I am 200% satisfied with my product.

it works!

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