Student Led Conference 2017~2018

L21 Skills


The frame circle for discussing my learning. I have learned these 5 skills in ISB.                                                                I chose Global Thinking, Communication & Collaboration and Innovation & Creativity. I chose 3 skills among these 5 skills. These 3 skills are Global Thinking, Communication&Collaboration and Innovation & Creativity.

The reason why we do a SLCs is we can review about what we did in 2 semester. Also, I can explain about what I learned and improved in 2 semester to my parents and have a assembly about this topic.

L21 Standard: Global Thinking

Claim: In humanities class, I learned about what happened in Russia Revolution and what is happening in Syria currently and wrote journals about these events. Also, I made a video about Syrian War.

Evidence: I studied the Russia Revolution and the Arab Spring in humanities class. Also, I wrote two journals about these two revolutions.

Reasoning: In humanities class, I learned lots of things based on Global Thinking. I learned how to think as a Syrian reporter and a Russian peasant in my journal project. When I wrote the Syrian War journal, I could notice that Syria has an extremely dangerous situation, which explains why this war began and also explains what is happening now. For example, Assad’s government has used chemical weapons against Syrian protesters. Also, the White helmets, a brave group of heroes, have rescued countless victims. So, I noticed that we have to help the Syrian citizens. I learned about weapons engineers, who have made a contribution to fight against Assad’s government. When I wrote the Russia Revolution journal, I notice that the peasants lived in unfair conditions. They lived opposite lives compared with the nobles. So, they started to protest in order to get a fair, safe condition. Eventually, they succeeded. After finish to write journal about Syrian War, I made a video. It explains how does the Syrian War began and how is it going now.

Through the process of writing the journal, I learned about other countries’ perspectives as well as skills for Global Thinking.


Video about the Syrian War that I made with Jack and Brian.

L21 standard: Communication & Collaboration

Claim: I am content with my learning and work in the drone ASA.

Evidence: I took a video with the drone as a teamwork project.

Reasoning: As you can see in my drone ASA, I struggled on my work, which was making the drone video. I took a video with the drone with two students. One of them is in 6th grade and the other is in 7th grade. We took the video at the FA class and it is about the view of the FA class. The reason I believe I have learned Communication & Collaboration skills is because I struggled in this project with the two other members of the team, and although we lost a drone, we succeeded in the end. These are all important indicators of Communication & Collaboration skills.                                                                                                                       I have improved my teamwork skills and now, I can work with many members on a team without having a fight.

For the remainder of the year, I am going to focus my energy on improving my teamwork abilities and learning how to control the drone well.

The video that I took with two members in ASA class. We took this video in the FA class.

L21 Standard: Innovation & Creativity

Claim: This year on One-day, I had some troubles but eventually succeeded to create a toy robot out of plastic. Through this project I improved my innovation and creativity skills with useful lab tool.

Evidence: On One-day, I worked on my project, known as Precious Plastic, where I made a toy robot out of plastic.

Reasoning: As you can see in my One day assessment, I struggled on my work, making a toy robot out of plastic. At first, I had a brain storming time to get ideas and planes in One day. At that time, I plan to make phone case, toy robot, paper wallet and some  dishes. However, many other students want to make a paper wallet and dishes and I can’t make a phone case because they don’t have a phone case mold. So, I decided to make toy robot. After choosing what I want to make, I made a outline. And I started to make. Teacher gave us a blue thick square board. And I cut this board and get body, legs and arms with the table cutter. And I made a head with the extruder. After these processes, I attacked each pieces and finally made a toy robot.

Through this Oneday project, I learned and improved my innovation & creativity skills. Also, I learned how to use the Lab tools such as the sander, shredder, extruder and table cutter.


I decided that I am going to focus on the science, geometry, English and Chinese more in  9grade. Especially, I want to improve my English skill. My goals of 9 grade are finish EAL class, learn and improve Chinese and get at least meeting score in a geometry and science 9. Also I want to do lots of experiments and learn how to use laser cutter, 3d printer and programming such as coding. So, I want to have a academy about programming, 3d printing.

I think that I pretty did well in 8 grade 2semester. It because although I studying at ISB only 2months I learned lots of informations and my English skills is improved.