Independent reading reflection

Continuing reading on “Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, my impression toward this story has changed significantly positive. I realized the reason why author chosen these kind of methods to explain protagonist’s thought.

Things that I have noticed from author’s use of language and structure was

  • Uses of slang/expression
  • Including the picture

About the slang and vocabulary choices. From previous reflection, as far as I know, I have mentioned about the language that author is  selecting was extreme, led myself to feel bit uncomfortable about it. However, I knew that every single character near protagonist was teenagers. I considered that choosing those kind of vocabulary was author’s best decision to express teenagers as a text.

For a next, about the picture that author is including every start or end of the paragraph. Revising my memory, the picture was unrealistic, mostly it was about imagination and observation being exaggerated. By looking at included numerous pictures, I thought that these pictures can be the tools for an author to explain the emotions from protagonist toward the situation that he have faced.


The themes that I have noticed so far was: identity is not a bad thing at all, you might not be proud of it, but you shouldn’t feel shame from it.

My interpretation of author’s message is identity vary, and each of it have special features that we might feel that as a weakness or point to feel shame from it, however, those things are just differences, there is no need to feel uncomfortable or awkwardness just because of existence of difference. Admitting everything cannot be always the best way to consider, but it is needed sometimes to live inside modern society.


Level of making shelter model so far.

From the previous scratch, I have improved visual part of my shelter. Since my aim was to create the shelter that is sustain and secure, I have added styrofoam inside each side of my house to reinforce the wall and let it stand straight without becoming visually and physical fragile.  Beside these visual features, I have included water tank to show this shelter enable resident to keep their water or supply needed for surviving, and I will going to include solar panels and other facility which can provide sustainable energy.


Personal reading reflection

  • What questions do you want to ask of the text?

I am curious about why there were so harsh discrimination existed in US. Since I realized that the story is including lots of expression about cursing words and various belittling words to indian people, and how do they feel about it. These points let me to demand more information about how’s the relationship between American indians and ‘white people.’

  • How does the text connect to you on a personal level? How does it relate to your life?

I believe that the text do fit to my English level since I haven’t saw any complexed vocabulary inside. However, some of the phrases are still challenging to me.

  • What prediction can you make about the rest of the novel?

Junior, the protagonist will going to experience significant event, and that will eventually going to change everyone’s perception about him.

  • What has the novel made you realise, either about the text or yourself?

This novel made me to think about how horrible discrimination and racism are. I was able to reflect myself about did I ever understand people’s identity with only their appearance. Even though I never understand people in those ways, I was able to solidify myself to never even try to do that.

Geography and Design.

1. How do the core concepts of Geography connect to your Project Shelter design work so far? Be specific.

Based on Australia’s climate and geographical features, I am editing my design that can adapt to those environment. I would add facility that can keep the water for a long period of time. Due to my research, Australia is the continent that has one of the most driest climate. I’m adding the features that can cover and be prepared to related situation.



2. In what ways will what you’ve learnt about Geography so far influence your design work?

Connecting geographical knowledge to our design work will eventually let our design to be more realistic. Design that only depends on one’s idea might not be the best for users. However, when geographical information is connected with the design, it will be more useful.

Shelter V2 virtual presentation

Shelter V2 Reflection

From this attempt, I believe that I showed some effort with visualizing my ideas. Based on concept and my goal, the structure didn’t went off topic, and completely followed my personal expectation. However, I learned that I still need to be more careful with defining my ideas, and researching about techniques that I can apply inside my product. I will definitely not going to let my product to be box-shaped for next product for addition.

Presentation goals

  1. Describe the changes you made during the presentation session.I’ve made change in method of explaining my product, I added some sentence that describes my product more specifically, and other descriptions about details that I was planning to put at my product, but failed because I made mistake with managing my time.
  2. What goals have you set?

For next stage, I will put more effort with research and managing my time while building the shelter. I’ve realized that I failed to organize myself again in this time, and I saw what consequences will be caused as I fail to manage it.




First goal that I’ve set is to plan specifically. What I realized is that planning with abstract idea will going to result various errors.  For my next attempt I will make a plan that explains every single steps and scales about design. Setting my route will not going to let me lost or even prevent me from making completely wrong thing.



Second goal is to describe and express much idea I have inside design. I learned that if I just think about what I want to design or build, it’s hard for me to express it when I’m supposed to. Next time I will also going to think about how to express my imaginations in real. I was quite disappointed at what I’ve made, so  I’ll fix my expectation/possible design so I can get more proud of what I’ve done.

Shelter V1 Reflection

  1. Summarize your achievement level for each phase of the design cycle – why did you give yourself the grades you did?

I put myself in approaching level mostly because due to the lack of planning my design was not organized, and some of parts even looked like a mess. Still I accepted some feedbacks to prevent my product quality to be worse, and clearly set my goals.

       2. The ‘Next’ – now that you’ve seen the Design Rubrics, what will you do differently in the next round of design? Be specific.

I will spend more time in planning next time, because from this experience I’ve learn about how important planning my design is. Starting work without any specific idea let me to be easily distracted and lost. For next design, I will put my effort to organize myself to create product that looks visibly well, and scaled accurately. I will try to set the concept fast as I can so I can have a clear goal to reach out. For addition, I’ll cut paper more seriously since I nearly destroyed my product by my own hand because of mistakes while cutting it.

Shelter V1

This ‘Shelter project’ was mainly about let us to learn about how to combine two subjects ( Social studies and design ) together.

My first phase of design provide me an evidence that I am not skilled at cutting or making things visually nicely, but bit more faster. Still I believe my design fits to the topic, and satisfy my personal aim which was efficiency.

I think my design was related to social studies since I believe that it wasn’t completely out of topic, and all of design was based on one situation. “Any shelter is needed quickly.”

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