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Independent Project

Ideas, Techniques, SCAMPER and Padlet

1st picture – Fonts and styles I would like to include in my poster.

2nd picture – Ideas for the main/focus logo/icon.

3rd picture – Ideas + scamper

4th picture – scamper

Made with Padlet

Workout for creating ideas


Sticky notes workout and specific ideas to include :

My ideas previously varied from each other and there was not much harmony within them because they did not match each other’s style. I have tried to make it more similar with my final decisions and add a few different designs from what I started. I have tried to combine the ideas I started with and make a new design all together.

Success Criteria:

I want my project to represent the country; India, by using different techniques and ideas that I have collected overtime and add them as one of the key features to help improve the poster and also add culture, i.e., dance forms, painting techniques etc. to make it intriguing and effective from the viewer’s perspective. I decide to work as creatively as I can, so that it is attractive and that for the audience to know the cultures and traditions followed in India. I will know the my idea is successful if the audience takes interest in knowing what the content on my poster is about and if they notice from my poster what my main aim is.

Choices and Decisions:

The choices and decisions that I made for this project are to collectively start a new idea by collecting ideas that I could come up with to form a broad design to help me work on it better. I also have decided to include some of the major aspects of the Indian culture which represent the country and help me in making the poster more precise to what I want it to lead to, that is, promoting the Indian culture and traditions.  I want my audience to know what the context and content my poster is about and therefore have made the decision to include these aspects in my poster.



Goals and Steps:

The goals that I want to achieve are by making the poster as inviting as I can so that my poster gets promoted amongst people and also the main medium, that is, making people aware of cultures and traditions followed in India by showcasing it in the poster with attractive aspects. I would want to take steps towards the better making of my poster by more research and gathering better ideas and start off with a creative mind when I do begin making the project.


  1. Hi Cherry, I came here for your art but had to comment on what a great job you’re doing with grapic design 🙂 Your lettering looks especially good!


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